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Southern Cameroons Crisis Must Be Escalated



The Struggle Must Enter Phase Three:

Ghost town is Never Enough: Escalation must get in now in ways appropriate to attract the international community in a different degree.

Phase three must then be the escalation phase. The escalation could be multifaceted. It could be diplomatic , economic, social, spiritual, security, education and otherwise.

1. Diplomatic

The need for an interim government with an elected Prime Minister cannot be overemphasised. The powers that be must now put things into place to see this happen as soon as possible. The structures to welcome such an institution must be escalated to another level. The diplomatic push must also be escalated on a daily basis. The advantage here is that majority of Southern Cameroonians are ready to support this interim PM, falls under his or her authority and make the government work. The interim PM already has support. Let the powers that be facilitates this move.

2. Economic

There must be a campaign henceforth to boycott taxes in Southern Cameroons. There must be a serious campaign to stop timber production and transportation leaving Southern Cameroons. Our people must target the source of the timber at the forest and cause irreversible damage to even stop it being transported. There must be a hard sabotage of economic structures within Southern Cameroons that hurt la Republique. The cyber experts should invade the ministry of finance computer system to cause havoc in payment of salaries to citizens. There must also be a campaign to sabotage food supply to la Republique Du Cameroun. And finally the Ghost towns must continue every Monday and I suppose now on all days that our people go to court.

3. Social

By all means there must be escalation whether unilaterally or in groups to make the social atmosphere ungovernable. The colonial administrators in Southern Cameroons should not be allowed to easily move freely. They must live in fear and all Southern Cameroonians know what to do. Unilateral actions are the best.

4. Spiritual

Christians should pray more hard now than ever before. Christian houses should host crusades prayer, they should preach against these things in their churches. Also, traditionalists must do more. We hear of Consortium of Witch Doctors, those with these ancestral African powers must escalate their attacks to promote the struggle and stop the colonisation of our land. There are many things these traditionalists could do. They should be activated.

5. Security

Southern Cameroonians must defend themselves in ways appropriate. Self defense is a human right. Faceless Vigilante groups are very much welcome now. We saw how yesterday many of our people were abducted and randomly harassed in Buea, Mutengene and Kumba. We also saw the burning of Gendarmerie structures in Banga Bakundu. Southern Cameroonians must take actions to make sure that all security officers who lives amongst the people must also live in fear as they harassed our people. They must know they could be tracked down anytime. This is the moment for all liberation movements who preach self defense to march words to action. It’s no longer funny and the people are loosing their patience and trust. The people must also be ready to join these forces to protect homeland. The security situation must be escalated

6. Education

Schools and courts are already shut down. Though it is clear the school year is gone, there is the danger of some schools and universities sabotaging this struggle. It is of the good interest of all parents who have sent their form five and seven students to mission schools in SW most especially to withdraw them home immediately. The political organisation of the GCE is a crime against the people of Southern Cameroons. It is a move to ridiculed the educational system. Therefore, those few students in UB, government and mission colleges, UBa must fall back. Lecturers and teachers sabotaging this struggle must be dealt with accordingly.They must fall back because the people will take their destiny into their hands and escalation shall be total.

7. Boycotts.

As of today, Amour Mezam has been banned in Southern Cameroons and Southern Cameroonians are called upon to boycott this agency. No one knows what will happen. Travelling at this agency is at the risk of any Southern Cameroonians. Use other agencies.

By all means, this struggle must be escalated.

Mark Bareta.

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