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What Southern Cameroonians Told UN-Brussels Protest




Your Excellency,

The people of the former UN Trust Territory of British Southern Cameroons resident in Belgium and their friends are carrying out this peaceful demonstration to call the attention of the United Nations and all people of the world to the terrible atrocities being committed by the Government of the Republic of Cameroun against the peoples of the Southern Cameroons. We are urgently calling on the free world and those who still have a conscience to intervene to put an end to the illegal occupation of the territory of the Southern Cameroons by the Republic of Cameroon.

Throughout November 2016 till date, there have been strikes; demonstrations and mass action within the British Southern Cameroons which have been met with brutality, rape, abuses and many people have lost their lives. Genocide is in preparation against the people of the British Southern Cameroons by La Republique of Cameroun. Of course, no one easily admits this including the United Nations until the situation degenerates like we lived it in Rwanda.

This genocide may be worse than Rwanda’s given systemic historical falsification of facts which have deprived the peoples of the British Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia of their history. Needless to undertake a long narrative of such here because we all know that the United Nations knows and is fully aware of these facts and it’s failed role that has led to the suffering of the Peoples of the Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia. The UN is aware that all countries hitherto under Trusteeship rule including Benin Republic, Tanganyika, Togo, Somalia, Rwanda & Burundi were granted independence and granted seats at the United Nations in the early 1960s except the British Southern Cameroons.

Brussels protest

The question is why? Why was such injustice meted against a people who in the eyes of international law qualify as a people to live on their own in their own Nation? Today we are here to ask this body for redress. We ask the United Nations to unconditionally revisit the instruments that orchestrated this diplomatic blunder within the concert of nations and correct it once and for all so that the Peoples of the Southern Cameroons can take up their place as the latest country of the United Nations.

Mr. Secretary General, we are here to remind you and also the authorities of the occupational, neo-colonial and annexationist regime of La Republique du Cameroun that 55 years of living in slavery, bondage, misery, subjugation are over. We are more than conscious now and all over the globe, Southern Cameroonians have risen like one man to assert our place as a nation in the concert of nations. We urge the United Nations to speedily convene an Extraordinary Emergency Session of the Security Council to address this urgent concern like it has recently done for Aleppo/series. It does not suffice making mere security briefings, let actions follow. Caution!!!!

Southern Cameroonians all over the globe are ready to take up residences and build their homes and camps in front of and within all United Nations and its organs infrastructures wherever they find themselves in the world. It is a mass action that has known no precedent and we are bent on making the world know and feel our sufferings.

Several memoranda and reports are being submitted by Southern Cameroonians to all UN Offices all over the world and this should spell a lesson to a world body which has shown a lot of indifference to the plight of suffering persons in the world and in particular, Africa. We wish to state very categorically that the world should be ready to contend with another wave of refugee crisis and mass migration to Europe, particularly Britain which perpetrated in connivance with the United Nations such injustice against the British Southern Cameroons.

Sir, a separate document accompanies this memo spelling the numerous international legal instruments that give credence and value to the case of the Southern Cameroons spelling out their rights to exist as an independent people.


We assert that no one can claim a greater right to the territory of the British Southern Cameroons than Southern Cameroonians themselves. We demand that La Republique du Cameroun, a foreign

Government that has been illegally asserting itself on our territory vacate the territory with immediate effect.

We call on the United Nations to take all dispositions, in conformity with the principles governing this organization to intervene immediately to avoid a blood bath that will leave a terrible scar on the conscience of the world. Let there be no more genocides! The world was taken unawares in the case of Rwanda. We warn the world now before the one of the Southern Cameroons happens; it is being actively prepared!

We assure all member states of the United Nations that they have nothing to fear or lose from an independent British Southern Cameroons but the United Nations has everything to gain by mounting pressure on President Paul Biya to withdraw all its army of occupation, its imposed governors, prefets, civil servants and spy network for peaceful negotiations and separation of the two territories under international supervision so to enable British Southern Cameroons assume its deserved seat as a sovereign country.

Done at Brussels, Belgium, this ————————————————————–

For the SCNC Belgium and the People of British Southern Cameroons

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