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Civil Servants in the Cameroons Should Prepare for Rainy Days







Civil Servants in the Cameroons Should Prepare for Rainy Days

As Paul Biya’s war against Ambazonia rages on, it is becoming visibly clear that the colonial economy is fast crumbling and it is time Civil servants and all those who depend of the colonial state for monthly income braced up for serious rainy days. There are indications of an imminent salary slash or long months of none payment of salaries, if the signs coming from within are anything to go by. The colonial government is in dire need of resources to sustain the two asymmetrical wars she is fighting.

According to reports, the first financial victims so far are colonial parliamentarians and their constituencies, who have not seen a dime of the yearly financial disbursements for micro projects in their constituencies. It is also reported that all State corporations have been instructed to close down all their accounts with commercial banks and channeled every financial resource that comes in as revenue into a single government treasury account, to be run by the colonial government. The intention is to ensure that the there is always money to pay civil servants first, before sourcing for ways to take care of the workers in the parastatal, who actually generate the resources.

Some weeks behind, our sister platform, AmbaNews had reported how Dangote Group had been approached by the colonial regime to take care of the salaries of civil servants for a particular period of time. The agreement with Dangote Group, according to AmbaNews will see the Nigerian business guru benefit from a 10 years tax rebate. However, BaretaNews has been informed by another source that Dangote, by that agreement is responsible for financing the colonial military, and not the payment of civil servants. We are however, still to confirm the authenticity of this version of the story. Nevertheless, if it is true, then Ambazonians shall have to officially launch an anti Dangote Group campaign. After all, the group gets its raw materials for the production of cement in Ambazonian territory and ferries them to LRC, where LRC citizens are employed over Ambazonias.

If Southern Cameroonians maintain this resistance (which they must), then the colonial republic could be heading for the rock. With tens of millions needed daily to lubricate the two wars, the state treasuries have been emptied and all sources currently trying to boost up the regime shall also soon reach their breaking point. External lending sources like the world Bank have already turned down request from the regime to lend them more resources. The future of young LRCans has been mortgaged, and they are bound to suffer the consequences. Ambazonians therefore have the responsibility to free themselves of this future yoke of indebtedness.

The colonial regime thought it was going to have a crushing walk over Ambazonia. Unfortunately for them, the resistance has overwhelmed and exhausted them, morally and financially. How much longer will they have to fight before declaring a ceasefire and succumb to negotiations on amicable separation terms?

James Agbor
Political Analayst, BaretaNews

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