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Fru Ndi is Cameroon’s Political Moses- SDF Fanatic




It is a risk worth taking to take up one’s pen to ink on issues concerning leadership…and leadership of the Hope of Cameroon, the Social Democratic Front (SDF). It is a risk because it puts to jeopardy lots of things including the writer’s integrity and cravings especially in the political sphere of influence. We are in a wide and universal theater wherein we play various roles and mine is to share the bit of discerned and indulgent information I gather the best way possible. Some of us have been chastised for writing too much and stepping on lots of festering toes. Prof. Asonganyi, Mwalimu George Ngwane, Martin Jumbam, Victor Epie Ngome, Sona Mbella Dipoko, Prof. Tamngwa et al have and are writing and impacting their communities tremendously. I count myself in that category and only regret that most essayists like us always get entangled in nasty webs that end up wrapping those of us dabbling in this insubstantial domain and terrain called politics.



My focus in this thesis is the priceless leader of a man who has outclassed his political counterparts within the last close to three decades. He is on every lip in Cameroon///he is Ni John Fru Ndi, the current National Chairman of the main veritable political party in Cameroon.
The Bible in Ecclesiastes 3: states that “to everything, there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven”. From 1990, God had designated this charismatic man in his middle age to dedicate his last days on earth in fulfilling a divine assignment…that of creating awareness, and stirring the dormant volcano in a hitherto docile people into action. Today, in 2016, as John Fru Ndi celebrates 75 years of breathing this earthly air, over twenty-five of these have been dedicated to the liberation of Cameroon and the fight for a veritable democratic free Cameroon imbued with equal opportunity for all.
The paradox is that this man, Ni John Fru Ndi is fighting for the over ten million youths who were not there when he started this marvelous crusade in 1990. He has sacrificed his blooming and flourishing book businesses , the Ebibi Book Centres to clinch to this insubstantial trade of liberation struggle where he has received more damage than compensation for his audacious acts. His dear wife died while in active service serving the SDF and the Socialist International guests who were in Yaoundé that fateful day . Even when the Presidency stepped in to attempt a rescue of the situation after she collapsed, Fru Ndi’s hecklers were quick to give malevolent and malicious insinuations.

These cited instances is to present a comparative analysis of the ordeal Fru Ndi is going through, his mission and vision and that of Moses…and why not Christ, Jesus. Recall that Moses was not in dire need of comfort before he delved into the celestial task of liberating his fellow Israelites from bondage in Egypt. He had been swimming in luxury and affluence at Pharaoh’s palace, yet he had to give heed to God’s call. Yet, he was insulted by the ones he had set off to liberate. Recall that Jesus Christ came to this world to save mankind, yet, he was crucified for bringing salvation to the same people he had been sent to liberate. So, no one is surprised with the incessant and unremitting attacks being heaved on the personality and leadership of Ni John Fru Ndi.
Let me focus on one very peculiar aspect that has been on many lips and minds…that of Fru Ndi not being as performant as he was in the early 90s and so should give way for another to lead the SDF. In fact, these tendencies go as far as saying that being national Chairman for 26 years is too much for the SDF and that Fru Ndi has no moral locus to call on Biya to relinquish power after over 33 years in office. First, it is not only nonsensical to compare the leadership of a political party to that at the helm of a nation…the state, to which all other political parties strive to attain. It is myopic and narrow-minded for learned and supposed intellectuals to dare put side by side a leadership of a political party and that of a nation. What concerns a UNDP, or PAP militant in what is going on in CPDM or SDF or UPC? All and above, we recall that Madiba Nelson Mandela was the Party’s Chairman for over thirty years and counting…yet, he was Head of the South African nation for only five years!

On the worn-out patience of Cameroonians and transferred aggression to Fru Ndi, I say it is pitiable. Of course, when the Israelites got stuck in the desert, they turned on Moses blaming him for having taken them out of Egypt to “die in the wilderness”. In Israel, even the victims of Roman rulers were quick to call for the crucifixion of the One who had come to rescue them. They even preferred that Barnabas, the criminal be released and Christ crucified! How history repeats itself in our situation.

It is quickly fading off from people’s minds that the SDF candidate for the 1992 Presidential elections had actually won and France made an ardent statement that an Anglophone from former British Southern Cameroons cannot be the President of their Etoudi Presidency! We all recall how this country was on the verge of war, ready to explode, with pending casualties into millions…where many parents of the very young ones attacking Fru Ndi today, would have been killed. Yet, and yet , Fru Ndi stood his ground against the national clamour for war..war against who, Fru Ndi pondered, and managed to calm down spirits, even against his own welfare, as he was put under house arrest, molested, imprisoned and treated like a common criminal. His mother was battered, and his compound pounded upon by bullets, tear-gas etc simply because he is not a Beti or Northerner as per a diabolic pact signed in 1968 with France as the arbiter.
If today Ni John Fru Ndi is still persistent, unrelenting, importunate, and pushy, it is not because he is so desperate to get to the presidency, but to get the SDF to the presidency. Check out in SDF archives, documents, constitution, internal rules and regulations, devolution of power, ideologies etc that have convinced millions to adhere to this great assemblage of patriots desirous of forging ahead in the struggle for a veritably democratic, free and prosperous nation, Cameroon.



If today, Cameroonians can talk freedom of speech, and smell an iota of democracy, then we owe Fru Ndi an accolade of recognition. Even at 75, that zeal, charisma and disciplined stance are still intact..even if the energy is dwindling naturally. Yet, in every big organization, like the SDF, as read in Shakespeare’s Henry VI “ To say the truth, so Judas kissed his master…And cried – all hail! Whereas he meant – all harm”… Today, we see many who hover around Paul Biya hailing him as a demi-god, yet acknowledging in their minds that Fru Ndi is the veritable messiah…( In your hearts, you know he is right)! He has since made insinuation debunking all wild expectations that he will be back anytime again at the Supreme Court on grounds of “stolen victories”!!! Your guess is as good as mine! It is a normalcy for citizens, militants to make speculations and even debate openly on issues pertaining to who is who, who should be where etc, even the leadership of the party. It is no taboo to start covert discussions on who can better stand the chance against a certain Goliath called Paul.



The trouble is where the speculations open the floodgates of blackmail, witch-hunting, and slandering of some personalities. I see the parading of Hon. Joshua Osih’s name as an attempt by some within the circle to antagonize him against some top officials and the grassroots of the party. We pray that both Joshua Osih and Ni john Fru Ndi give a deaf ear to these insinuations and paddle the SDF boat safely to shore.



Paradoxically, after all, the cries for Anglophones to be appointed into top offices, how many SDF militants do benefit? We see many Judases around Fru Ndi…top of whom are the youths who are expected to understand that as one man behind the SDF ideology, they will knock out the present diabolic regime and the way will be open for the youth empowerment we have been clamoring for. Let the youths not act as to be asked tomorrow “ Et tu brutus”! In Isaiah 7 the Bible says “ if ye will not believe, surely ye shall not be established”…Let us listen to our inner hearts and take heed of what James say in Chapter 4:32…” ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.” Seek now, ask now and fight along now and we will overcome. We only wish that the Moses spirit and the Jesus spirit control all future decisions and actions of Ni John Fru Ndi and the SDF will evidently arrive…God being our helper.
By Martin-Luther, Fon Yembe, A Tribute at 75!


*Martin-Luther, Fon Yembe is a writer, critic, and fanatic of the Social Democratic Front (SDF). Former Provincial Chairman of NW SDF 1998-2003, Journalist, and Human Rights Crusader with the ACHPR

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