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Sons And Daughters Of Southern Cameroons Should Have The Final Say Through A Referendum- Eric Acha







The July 25th call from Southern Cameroons men of God for an All Anglophone General Conference come August 29 and 30th to map ways in ending the almost two years long conflict between La Republique Du Cameroun and Former British Southern Cameroons keeps boiling as Southern Cameroonians from all corners of the globe keep pouring out different reactions. Eric Acha is one of the most vocal Southern Cameroonian on the media, a pacifier and someone who believes in justice for the people of ‘West Cameroon’ as he fondly calls it. In his opinion, he gives a succinct reaction and calls on Ambazonians not to dismiss the AGC altogether but tailored it towards a referendum. He writes


The tensed reactions to the announced AAC3 being championed by Cardinal Tumi is a clear indication of how high the stakes are on this matter! While we all have reasons to be suspecious of any sugar coating solution to the ongoing conflict, we must remain open minded on how to seek and enage in a geniune process to lead us out of the current impass. I noted most reactions were emotional, which is but ok, given what our people are going through. Given the amount of blood we have lost, those reactions are but normal. But to dismiss outrightly the thoughts of gathering together to discuss what we really want as a people with diverse opinions shouldn’t be the way to go.
Many seem to be mistaking the call for AAC3 to be a call for dialogue with the regime, No No and No.

As far as I understand it, it is a call for dialogue amongst us “Anglophone” of all stands, reason why I am calling on the invitations sent out to the two governors who are not of “Anglophone” extraction to be rescinded. AAC3 if at all it ever holds, could provide an opportunity to clearly disagree or agree on what we want, which I will recommend be then taken to the sons and daughters of our land to approve or disapprove of it through a referendum. Look at AAC3 as only a step towards legitmitately defining what we truely want, reason why I said it is a tiny a step in the right direction. The people will have the final say.

Note we are more matured and knowlegeable and determined today than the days of AAC1 & 2. Behold, there’s no certainty that the conference will ever hold because Biya and his rougue regime have been pressed in a corner with conditiins which I do not see him ever accepting. Let it be him to make the AA3 a failure so the world will know even the moderates have no space in this equation as long as this regime is standing. We are in a state of war and even during the ugliest times of all wars, all stakeholders strategically keep exploring opportunities to adjust or reposition the goal post.

E. Acha

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