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The lies of La Republique and the rise of Kupe Muanenguba People



The Southern Zone of Southern Cameroons is the breadbasket of the Cameroons but yet very poor in most respect.

If one notices keenly, the Southern zone (SouthWest Region) has one of the poorest road networks in the cameroons with only 3 counties (Divisions) linked out of 6 counties. These are Fako ,Meme & recently Manyu. Kupe Muanenguba falls among the divisions enclaved in this part of the region with very déplorable roads which even the so-called elites cannot use when visiting.This road hasn’t always béen like this prior to réunification,it was once well tarred & served as a means of livelyhood for traders with the likes of Ebonji market being big names at the time,the Loum-Tombel-Kumba road was the main track used by vehicles unlike today where transporters have to pass through Douala.

Kupe Muanenguba is blessed with natural resources such as sand quarries,stone and clay(raw materials for road construction).The forest areas classified under protected status include:

The Bakossi National Park
Mount Kupe Integral Ecological Reserve
Lake Edib Integral Ecological Reserve

Howeve, more than 20 hectares found in the Bakossi mountains have been reserved for the creation of a community forest and official logging concessions.Vulnerable timber has always been exploited from the forest for exportation notably by SAFA & CAMEROON INDUSTRIAL FOREST but this exploitation has been void of developmental projects such as construction of good bridges and tarring of roads which the people have the right to expect from such exploiters of local wealth.

Kupe Muanenguba is home to raw food such as cassava,plantains,maize,coffe, fruit trees,palm oil & rubber.Cocoa is the most cultivated cash crop occupyx almost 55% of total cultivated land. The head of state had promised that government would accelerate the réhabilitation of the Loum-Kumba-Mbonge and Tombel-Bangem roads. Where are we with these projects & promises 34 years later?This road network once well tarred prior to réunification under the Southern Cameroons Government and destroyed in the name of maintainance,it has never been rehabilitated,so to all the people of Kupe Muanenguba (Bakossi,Bassossi,Upper Balong,Mbo)do you need your roads back or not? People from these areas must shun all those elites from this division and continue to support the struggle. This is our moment to get back what we lost.

These amongst others are issues that the people of Anglophone Cameroon must ensure that the struggle moves on. This is just an example from our area. A lot of other areas in Anglophone Cameroon has suffered similar faith and it is important that we fight to ensure that thes things are restored.

Therefore, each and every son or daughter from Anglophone Cameroon must be steadfast and support the struggle so that we can at least get the minimum of a two state federation as originally wanted by the Consortium which we all support.

This article is a wake up call from son of the soil

Ndille Ndille Njume.

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