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Ambazonia Nationalism: Making It The Core Of Your Living









Ambazonia Nationalism: Make it your core

This revolution is yours to win or loose. The revolution will stop only on our terms. No matter how long it takes, Colonial administrators and forces should be able to live a life of fear in Amba as it currently happens. So therefore, each day get up from bed and ask yourself what have I done today to help the revolution forward.

Listen, the success of Ambazonia benefits all, whether you support it now or not. Ambazonia will not be a land of revenge because we understand people have choices but traitors and people who snitches cannot be allowed to see an independent Ambazonia. They will need to be caged.

Do something today for Ambazonia. Have you started boycotting buying from any Francophones and go only to Anglophone shops? Have you made it a duty to empower each other? Have you made it your motto that hence it is Amba4Amba. It is AmbaEcoPower. It’s all about empowerment. Don’t invest or buy lands in French Cameroun, come home and invest. Don’t sell lands to colonial officers or Francophones. It’s all about nationalism. Try as much as possible to marry amongst you. No intermarriage. Boycott Cimencam and stop consuming Brasseries products. It begins from baby steps but it has ripple effects in few years.

Please take the leaf from the Bamilekes, Igbos, Arabs examples. They are doing well. Tap from it and put Southern Cameroons first. Take this campaign house to house, family to family. Discuss it, sleep it and effect it. It is our moment. Until we are free and have control of Ambazonia then we can begin dropping these nationalistic campaign, by then we treat with others as foreigners following laid down laws. For now ladies and Gents, Ambazonia Nationalism should be baes and boos.

Mark Bareta

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