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To be a SOBAN is a radical notion that we are inimitable and qualitatively different
SOBAN exceptionalism is a theory that we are a distinctive, sophisticated, and blessed bunch
It is a God-given privilege that warranties the wholesome possibilities of a shared humanity
It is an extraordinary badge of honor that many wished they can claim, but too bad, they can’t
It is a singular and majestic idea that must be experienced in order for it to be appreciated
It is a quintessential fraternal fellowship of preeminent men, convened by St. Joseph, our Patron
It is about purposeful living of truth-telling and bearing prophetic witness to justice and peace
It is about crusaders of goodwill touching the world with the practical virtue of soul force
It is about a band of firebrands who’ve embraced God as the compass of their earthly sails
It is about a luminary brotherhood of compassion, love, grace, mercy, honor, and respect
To be a SOBAN is not about pathological self-righteousness and impulse to bamboozle
It is not about avaricious aggrandizing pursuit of ephemeral and mundane worldly acquisitions
It is about the art of abundant living, moral craving and resolution to repair a wounded world
It is about disciplined inner character, righteous fury, and intense discernment of right and wrong
it is about coping with the cumbersome mystical question, ‘what it means to be human?’
It is about contending with the provocative question, ‘how do we want to leave the world?’
It is about evoking God’s face in moments of anguish, dealing with a stranger or the ‘the other’
It is about renaissance men devoting their work-a-day endeavors for the wellbeing of fellow men
It is about well-groomed men not here gluttonously for themselves, but for generations to come
It is really about care for the fears, pains, and sufferings of underdogs amongst God’s children
To be a SOBAN is about being fan # 1 displaying total loyalty and adherence to SAJOSCOL
It is about giving back bigheartedly and ungrudgingly to a citadel that gave us so much
It is about a fierce pledge to guarantee SASSE its station as the foremost college in the land
It is about cultivating the dreams and promises of the divinatory Mill Hill Missionaries
It is about keeping it real and staying true to the treasured values and doctrines imbued in us
It is about curiosity without assumptions and valuing dignity in differences in all His children
It is about not turning our backs; disserting prisoners of hope knocked out by life’s punches
It is not about classism, elitism, feyship; it is about a shared life; an indivisible brotherhood
It is certainly not about survival of the fittest; winners take it all; it is not about dog eat dog
It is all about surrendering to something bigger than us so that we can attain quiet peace
To be a SOBAN means staying humble in the face of fiascos, triumphs, and uncertainties
It is about accepting that despite our personage, we are flawed and inadequate before Him
It is about strategic and visionary leadership while mindful of following cheerfully, as well
It is about positive and uplifting leadership, assisting others reach their fullest aptitudes
It is about courageously answering present because anonymity is easy and breeds irresponsibility
It is about not staying neutral or siding with the oppressor in circumstances of unfairness
It is about taking bold stance on socioeconomic, political, and spiritual matters, even if risky
It is about authentic living, embracing tough principles and practicing rigorous accountability
It is about being involved, engaged, and active locally, nationally, and internationally It is about being a SOBAN because SOBANISM is the ultimate measure of being a man
By Agbor Baiyee
SOBA America – 25th Anniversary Convention Magazine

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