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SCASCS Frowns At Super Powers’ Silence On Genocide In The Cameroons



SCASCS Frowns At Super Powers’ Silence On Genocide In The Cameroons

By Mbah Godlove

The Southern Cameroons Civil Society Consortium (SCASCS) has revealed discontent at the silence maintained by world powers and the international community in respect to the ongoing genocide in the Cameroons. In a press release signed by John Mbah Akuroh and co on January 21 in Buea, the leaders revealed with disdain their observation of the international community’s silence as the government of French Cameroun has for the past week accelerated it’s onslaught against targets in the former UN Trust territory of British Southern Cameroons.

The areas where the colonial La Republique du Cameroun’s forces have rained havoc on the 18 and 19 of January are in Kupe-Manenguba and Mezam.

In Bali (Mezam county), they stated that the daily market, District Hospital and scores of homes were torched, while livestock and other valuables were looted, rendering young children and elderly persons homeless and helpless.

The situation in Bangem (Kupe Muaneguba county) resulted to the massacre of kids and the old who could not run for savety. The perpetrators of these atrocities, the Consortium revealed, were military whom the US government had given sound training and weaponry to fight Boko Haram in Cameroun’s Far North.

“Another genocide is silently unfolding before the eyes of the UN security council,” they lamented. The Consortium leaders however entreated the world leaders to take action in curbing the humanitarian disaster manifesting in Southern Cameroons.

Failure to quickly stop the cycle of violence in Ambazonia, leaders of the Southern Cameroons Civil Society Consortium fear it might “spiral irretrievably out of control”.

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