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ADF Nominates Tapang Ivo Deputy Defense Chair, Restructures Ground Zero Field Commanders



The Ambazonia Defense Council has nominated former Interim Consortium Leader, Tapang Ivo Tanku to Deputy Defense Chair of the ADF. Before now, Tanku held the position of the spokesman of the ADF.

The announcement was made in a live Facebook show by the Defense Chairman, Benedict Kuah. Other Defense nominations were made on the ground changing strategic positions of the ADF field commanders.

These changes are coming after the ADF General Efang popularly known as Big Number was aggressively ambushed by a sister defense group in Bui State Ambazonia unprovoked. While the ADF Defense chair and top leadership have all maintained sealed lips regarding the fate of Big number and the over 20 ADF and non ADF fighters in the keeping of Bui Warriors, it becomes very worrisome to Ambazonians especially as the whereabouts of these compatriots are unknown with rumours indicating they have all been murdered and buried with instructions from their leaders in the diaspora.

ADF, sources close to BaretaNews indicate, these changes are strategically made to engage French Cameroun Forces fully as Ambazonians prepare for the last battle (stopping elections) and locking down Ambazonia.

Talking to Tapang Tanku over the phone to congratulate him for his nomination, the rebel leader said “ Mark Bareta, congratulations are nothing now. I have done nothing yet. The heroes are on the ground. I only ask you to join forces and initiatives to raise guns for those who have put their lives for us”

BaretaNews investigations to the fate of ADF fighters is still inconclusive.

Mark Bareta

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