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Manyu Villages Mock Cameroun Defense Minister: We Will Come For Revenge










Ekok Froths As Dadi, Kembong, 17 Others Mock Defense Minister.

National Telegraph’s secret stringer in Ekok, a Manyu town in Eyumojock Sub-Division closet to Nigeria is reporting that the population is seriously agitating after soldiers loyal to Mr. Biya destroyed petrol warehouses in that locality.

A concerned resident analysed that Manyu Division has just a single filling station which is not even able to supply up to 3% of the population.

He went on that more than 90% of the Manyu population depends on fuel from Nigeria. Now that the brutal military has gone on rampage to destroy fuel warehouses in Mamfe and Ekok with TOTAL in Mamfe unfit to supply fuel to the population is it anymore of a secret that LR has planned to impoverished Anglophones by all means??? He quizzed.

In the meantime, denizens of Dadi, Kembong, Nsanakang, Agborkem German and many other villages have mocked the Minister of Defense, Joseph Beti Assomo. Following the Minister’s declaration that calm has returned to Manyu villages originally deserted, National Telegraph contacted denizens who have said the Minister didn’t look around well. Some said they would return to their villages only by means of LR caterpillars.

Meanwhile, some echoed that contrary to the lies told the world by Cameroon’s Defense boss, they deserted their villages due to the indiscriminate shootings, killings and unlawful arrests by soldiers loyal to Mr Biya not otherwise.

According to National Telegraph’s secret stringers, the situation in Dadi was extremely calm and villagers supported without duress the Restoration Forces until Cameroon’s soldiers arrived to form a new hegemony of only terror and more terror.

A very reliable source who spoke to National Telegraph said the population of Dadi and others can only return for revenge and nothing else. According to our source, the population thought the soldiers were out to maintain peace until on December 17, 2017 when they shot and killed for no reason an innocent Dadi resident.

Our source revealed that Osang Celestine on picture below without a tie, next to Defense Minister with tie, confident of the fact that soldiers were in Dadi as security agents, returned from his Cocoa Business from Danare, a neighboring Nigerian village only to be shot and killed at point-blank by soldiers loyal to Mr Biya.

Some of the very few Akwaya chiefs who are said to have attended the meeting with Defense Minister at Dadi out of coercion, cornered National Telegraph that all what the Minister said was pure nonsense, adding that No Manyu refugee in right senses can ever return home just yet.

Another Chief who spoke to National Telegraph from Eyumojock said things can never be the same again. Quoting the case of Kembong, he added that there’s nothing in the Dictionary of the Manyu population as trust for anything Mr. Biya’s men propagate. Some are seriously vexed and have blamed the precarious situation in Manyu on the SDO, Oum II Joseph and the entire Biya regime for refusing to call for dialogue.

Other youths in Mamfe Town told National Telegraph’s secret stringers that the invisible and invincible so-called Terrorists have never for once touched any civilian. Those guys are after the military and anybody in uniform. They’re angry. For the Minister to now say that the population is running away from them is a fat lie, a youth told National Telegraph.

Others are pointing at the local petrol warehouses destroyed at Satom and just recently in Ekok as well as the indiscriminate destruction in Kembong. The population told National Telegraph that Mr. Biya’s soldiers only aim at innocent civilians, citing cases in Kajifu, Babong where the Ferry has been destroyed, Eyumojock where the chief had to bribe soldiers with drinks to no avail and many other testimonies of the suffering masses recorded and disseminated on social media without amplification.

Eric Tataw for National Telegraph, USA.

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