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These Are Revolutionary Days In Southern Cameroons



These are revolutionary days in The Cameroons: if you are not a revolutionist then you must put on a revolutionary spectacle, armour, costume and perfume in order to be useful to the people of Southern Cameroons or to be able to perform any worthy task. The subject under consideration is of the highest political consequence and can not be attended by little minds, poor sights, deficient orientation, weak spirit, vulnerable disposition etc. This is no time for public debates but proper actions.

The media has provided unimaginable audience to protagonists of different Organisations and ceded attention to their respective strategies. Now, they must seek for resources and forge strategic alliances, instruments and vessels to escalate the conflict in the Cameroons.

Any request for De-escalation, however prompted, is a shambolic compromise, a symbolic display of cowardice, a hyperbolic rendition and catabolic surrender strategy. The fighting spirit of any revolutionist must be invoked to protract the conflict inorder to force statehood concessions in whatever dimension. However, this might be admissible as a precondition for dialogue or gesture of good faith in the sequence of events; and as part of a calculated strategy to further escalate the conflict or gain meaningful concession, if not Independence, upon.

We can not postpone this fight without reasonably exploiting every opportunity to our political and economic advantage. The human resource has been the capital of the Revolution and will diminish under any pacific atmosphere. We can not be seen to implore this most important resource to defend those arrested instead of prosecuting the Cause for statehood. It’s a taboo to relinquish control over this source of power as a bargain to secure the release of anybody in detention. We can not compromise progress on the promises of comfort or speculate on the goodwill of an enemy, in which case a dictator.

Until Freedom Comes Comrades, We Stand Together. Patriotic Salute!
…Comrade Don Wan-Obi.

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