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SDF Takes Stand, Cancels 20th May Celebrations Across Both Cameroons



Following an internal circular letter issued in Bamenda on Tuesday, May 7th 2017 the Social Democratic Front (SDF) under the chairmanship of Ni John Fru Ndi, provide laid down directives regarding the upcoming 20th May and 26th May celebrations. The SDF decided not to participate in the upcoming celebrations. The decision was arrived based on the inability of the Biya government to provide sustainable solutions to the pertinent problems that plague the Southern Cameroon for over seven months. Per the SDF, this has endangered the so-called national unity that the incumbent government of President Biya propagates with much enthusiasm.

Also, they pointed out that, the SDF on several occasions has called on the government of La Republique to engage the people of Southern Cameroons in meaningful, constructive and genuine dialogue that will bring amicable solutions to the ongoing crisis but the calls were responded with a “charismatic nonchalance”. In order words, the Biya government continues to provide cosmetic solutions which are not in line with what the people of Southern Cameroons want.

The SDF noted that their 27th anniversary will be celebrated on the 26th of May without any feasting. The 27th anniversary has been dedicated to all those who died for this struggle and to all those who have been unjustly detained by the government of La Republique.

BaretaNews statement in this regard goes thus: though the language of the communique is political, we commend the position of the SDF in recognising the strength of the struggle and the stakes involved. We, however, caution that 20th May is fake as the SDF rightly stated months back and 20th May 2016 was the last celebrated in Southern Cameroons. The Cameroons shall celebrate the true dates of their history when things are over.

Thank you, Ni John Fru Ndi for this singular step.

Mark Bareta,

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