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Yaounde Teaching Hospital On Strike As Biya Moves To Switzerland



The Centre Hospitalier et Universitaire de Yaounde(CHUY) known in English as the Yaounde University Teaching Hospital is on strike. Reports indicate medical doctors, specialists,nurses, biologists and laboratory Technicians are on strike. Patients are stranded, the hospital is empty. The National President of Hospital Syndicates, says by tomorrow and Friday, the protest is going to be a national one if nothing is done as soon as now. The hospital personnel is angry because of the following.


  1. No salaries for 3 months and lack of consistency even when they pay salaries. It becomes difficult for workers to plan their life especially as school resumes


  1. Primes (“Quote Part”) as it is called was lastly paid in April.
  2. Salary debts and primes should be paid for previous years.


Most personnel complain they have been evicted from their homes because of no salaries. They cannot prepare their children to school as school resumes. This strike is coming at a time when the Country’s parliament passed legislation making it criminal for failure to pay house rents for three plus months. How can these people survive now that the state is the one holding their rents? However, the DG of the hospital Pr. Arthur Essomba says he has been blocked at the level of MINFI. He, however, encourages his personnel to strike maybe it would help.


Meanwhile, as the personnel at the Teaching Hospital protest, President Biya has left Yaounde for an indefinite duration in Europe. Reports say Paul Biya is heading to Switzerland, where his family is currently residing including his wife, Chantal Biya who has been away for more than three months. Biya usually takes long trips with the last one being in Switzerland from the 27th of May 2016 to June 25th, 2016.

This is a President who has no regards for his people. His trip and long stay abroad will cost millions of CFA while hard working Cameroonians are going for months without salaries. Wasted government.

God is still saying something.

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