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Restoration Forces Summons Chief For Questioning








The Chief of Mbeme, HRH Njang Boniface Achu, has been summoned for questioning. He was whisked-off from his new residence at Central Quarter beside Government Primary School, at around 11:12 PM, Thursday March 15, 2018.

He is alleged to be an espionage for La Republique du Cameroun (LRC). Reports say, Chief Achu, has been serving as an informant to terrorist soldiers from LRC. He has been giving colonial soldiers intelligence information, with respect to the whereabouts of restoration forces.

He shall be answering queries from Ambazonian authorities. If found guilty, a verdict will be passed over him. The Chief presently in the custody of the Restoration Forces, is reported to be pleading for his life, saying he has always been interrogated to speak by terrorist soldiers. According to preliminary hearing, the chief pled guilty, saying if he did not say those things he said, terrorist soldiers from LRC would have either shot him to death, or whisk him off to Yaounde.

BaretaNews is getting latest information that he has been killed. However, BaretaNews cannot independently confirmed this new development. We shall be giving our readers latest developments as they unfold.

Serious fighting is said to have ensued between restoration forces and terrorist forces of LRC in neighbouring villages adjacent to Mbeme. Reports say Mbeme is host to over 2,000 refugees who have fled from neighbouring villages and now seeking refuge in the village.

Colonial forces of LRC are said to have raided villages, brutalising the population, forcing many to flee their homes into the nearby bushes. Many bikes were also reportedly set ablaze at Mission Quarter after a live bullet shot intentionally, narrowly missing out on an innocent civilian at Central Quarter.

Mbeme is situated in Upper Banyang Sub-County, Manyu County of Southern Cameroons. It is the most populated village with five precincts; Bagino, Market Square, Central, Mission and Asah quarters. It’s bounded by Koano, Fonjoh, Moshie, Kekpoti and Kendem.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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