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Restoration Fighters Force Deceased Ekondo Titi Mayor To Be Buried In Kumba








New laws enforced by Restoration Fighters on the entire Ndian County are paying off. The law prohibiting the circulation of any vehicle is Ndian, has forced the deceased Mayor of Ekondo Titi, Mbongo Alfred Ngoe, to be buried in Kumba III.

According to reports, the Ambazonian Restoration Forces (ARF), had passed an order, banning the circulation of vehicles in that County. The decision comes on the heels of another, passed by Camerounese slave, cum Minister of Territorial Administration (MINAT), Paul Atanga Nji.

The MINAT decision prohibited the circulation of motorbikes in the entire Ndian County, a mode of transportation, much cherished by the Ndian people, probably, due to its ability to meander through the rugged terrain.

That law presently respected to the later in Ndian, has seen defaulters like the wife of the Mayor of Dikome Balue, Mrs Itoe, arrested and sanctioned. Exploiters of natural resources in Ndian, have halted activities in that area. Unconfirmed reports say, they are negotiating with some members of the restoration forces, so seek new ways of continuing their activities.

The Ekondo Titi Mayor died over a month ago after suffering from protracted illness. His remains has been at the Kumba City Mortuary all along. He was removed today was supposed to be ferried to his municipality where a series of honours where going to accord him.

“Unfortunately, he will be buried like any other person, in a ‘strange’ land. No way to convey the remains back to Ekondo Titi where administrative authorities of Ndian have gathered in wait. Ambazonians ground forces have refused entry of his remains into Ekondo, except they are allowed to bury mayor. The corpse has just to convoy to his plot in Kumba III for final resting,” a family relative said.

It should be noted that almost the entire Ndian County is presently being controlled by the Restoration Forces. Terrorist soldiers from Camerounese have all been put abbey. The population of Ndian now live in total peace and serenity under the leadership of the Amba Restoration Forces. It is hoped that, such rule of law will be extended to other Ambaland, hence, the full restoration of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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