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Shocking: Atem Ebako, Fuelling Xenophobia Among People Of Southern Cameroons









  • Southern Cameroons is one and indivisible

Atem Ebako, who poses around for a traditional ruler in Meme county and a slave to Cameroun, has yet again voiced out xenophobic utterances aimed at creating divisions among peace-loving people of Southern Cameroons. Speaking recently on Cameroun’s fake news channel, CRTV, Atem Ebako, clearly stated that the Southern zone is being influenced by the Northern zone, in carrying out civil disobedience actions against la république.

Atem Ebako, wolf in sheep clothing

According to the sycophant, most of the arson carried out in the Southern zone are carried out by foreign bodies, and not people from the zone.

“I can categorically state here that the people of Southwest region (Southern zone) are a very peace-loving people. People from other regions invade our region and carryout burning here and there and even intimidate our people not to send their children back to school. South westerners must come as one and say no to all foreign invaders of our land,” Atem Ebako insinuated.

He went ahead to say that there is no Anglophone problem in Cameroun. According to him, what is termed Anglophone problem is simply a governance issue faced by all other regions in Cameroun.

“I want to state here clearly that there is no Anglophone problem. Some people are using unnecessary demands they mask as Anglophone problems to pass their agenda. I can accept that there is a governance issue in Cameroun, and it is the same in all the other regions in Cameroon. We have to desist ourselves from secessionists who want to split our country, and are using the so-called Anglophone problem as their mascot,” Atem Ebako voiced out.

English Newspapers picked on xephobic attacks earlier on this year

It should be noted that this is not the first time Atem Ebako is driving xenophobic agenda among people of Southern Cameroons. Last February 2, 2017, this same judas of a man had told the world, he was the brain behind the shutting down of internet access in the Northern and Southern zones of Southern Cameroons. He indicated that after observing the number of activities taking place in the two zones, him and some other stooges, advised la republique government to shut down internet.

He once even said, the people of the Northern zone are very radical, and should be avoided by those of the Southern zone.

We all know the people of Southern Cameroons are peaceful and loving. We cannot continue to accept people who will bring the division rule to make hate ourselves. BaretNews is therefore calling on all people of Southern Cameroons never to heed to scandalous calls for division. Southern Cameroons is one and indivisible. We have to redouble our efforts in naming and shaming xenophobes who dwell among us.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor, BaretaNews


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  1. George

    September 8, 2017 at 11:44 AM

    There is no North no South no East no West. But there is an one and indivisble AMBAZONIA. We have different traditions, we have different cuisines. But we share 56 years of state organized marginalisation. The time for simple rule and divide tactics is over.

  2. Fotoh Paul Ebong

    September 8, 2017 at 1:08 PM

    These are nonentities with empty heads and hungry stomachs. Do not pay attention to such detractors who are fundamentally stupid as human beings.

  3. Molle

    September 8, 2017 at 11:08 PM

    Atem Ebako,is just exercising is constitutional right to free speech

  4. Bali Nyonga

    September 8, 2017 at 11:48 PM

    What lousy constitutional right to free speech exist in lrc? Do you mean the selective constitutional right to free speech? He can exercise free speech as long as he sings praises of or says what favours senile Paul Barthelemy Biya’a bi Mvondo. If Atem Ebako had said Paul Barthélemy Biya’a bi Mvondo and his prostitute wife, the Marie Antoinette of lrc Shantal Pulcherie Vigouroux Biya are raping lrc finances in luxurious hotels in Saudi Arabia he will go from that crtv stduio to Kondegui.
    If free speech is a complex subject for you to understand then you have a long way to go, perhaps start by knowing your right hand, your left hand and we can then figure out how to help you.

  5. Pompidou Mensah

    September 9, 2017 at 4:26 AM

    This Molle guy is a retard, he has been insulted on other forums before. He thinks he is an agent provocateur. Not funny at all. Atem Ebako, where is this retard from, what schools did he attend, what kinds of other corruption is he involved in? Like atanga nji let someone spill the beans on him. I am sure the HOLE from which this
    Atem Ebako comes from has no roads, his people probably bury their dead at the side of the road because of impossible roads.
    “cameroun is one and indivisible” and this idiot says the problem is the same in all regions. When are he and the other corrupt witch doctors going to fix it. ateba ebako there is saying, if you do the same things over and over and expect different results, you must be crazy. you are just not crazy you a degenerate, it’s just a matter of time now and you will taste your own medicine. 56 years idiot! NORTHWEST And SOUTHWEST brothers and sisters forever. Don’t let the DEVIL DIVIDE US any more

  6. Atem Bakia

    September 9, 2017 at 4:33 AM

    Atem Ebako, small boy. Don’t worry, after restoration we will give only a green card, like Eric Chinje, Munzu, Benjamin Itoe, Fru Ndi, Atanga Nji, Peter Mussonge and other small small rats of your type.

  7. Bali Nyonga

    September 10, 2017 at 5:15 AM

    Atem Ebako, the poor soul. These are the words of someone who wants to be liked by the master. He looks Hungry, he feels small, he feels inferior, he feels worthless, poor Atem Ebako wants to be loved by the master. He went to school but he was never educated. He was trained to call black white in exchange for recognition, to feel wanted, oh poor soul, oh poor Atem Ebako. Even after all this seeking to be liked, you are still not, you are still a second class, you can only be an assistant or get something without port folio etc. How many of your children if you have any can dream to be what they want to be in lrc. Poor Atem Ebako

  8. auntie Jane

    September 23, 2017 at 12:45 PM

    Stem Ebako simply belongs to the class of persons that will never see how big an elephant is, even if it stood on their head. He need not speak anymore but go by the facts of this historic September 22nd 2017. We’re they North Westeners who turned out en mass to show resilience and resistance on this day? Let him keep leaving in self deceit, and he calls himself a chief. Let’s wait and see in the not_too- distant future how he will turn himself into a beggarly position because of his greed and self agrandised power hungry monger.

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