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Shocking: Atem Ebako, Fuelling Xenophobia Among People Of Southern Cameroons









  • Southern Cameroons is one and indivisible

Atem Ebako, who poses around for a traditional ruler in Meme county and a slave to Cameroun, has yet again voiced out xenophobic utterances aimed at creating divisions among peace-loving people of Southern Cameroons. Speaking recently on Cameroun’s fake news channel, CRTV, Atem Ebako, clearly stated that the Southern zone is being influenced by the Northern zone, in carrying out civil disobedience actions against la république.

Atem Ebako, wolf in sheep clothing

According to the sycophant, most of the arson carried out in the Southern zone are carried out by foreign bodies, and not people from the zone.

“I can categorically state here that the people of Southwest region (Southern zone) are a very peace-loving people. People from other regions invade our region and carryout burning here and there and even intimidate our people not to send their children back to school. South westerners must come as one and say no to all foreign invaders of our land,” Atem Ebako insinuated.

He went ahead to say that there is no Anglophone problem in Cameroun. According to him, what is termed Anglophone problem is simply a governance issue faced by all other regions in Cameroun.

“I want to state here clearly that there is no Anglophone problem. Some people are using unnecessary demands they mask as Anglophone problems to pass their agenda. I can accept that there is a governance issue in Cameroun, and it is the same in all the other regions in Cameroon. We have to desist ourselves from secessionists who want to split our country, and are using the so-called Anglophone problem as their mascot,” Atem Ebako voiced out.

English Newspapers picked on xephobic attacks earlier on this year

It should be noted that this is not the first time Atem Ebako is driving xenophobic agenda among people of Southern Cameroons. Last February 2, 2017, this same judas of a man had told the world, he was the brain behind the shutting down of internet access in the Northern and Southern zones of Southern Cameroons. He indicated that after observing the number of activities taking place in the two zones, him and some other stooges, advised la republique government to shut down internet.

He once even said, the people of the Northern zone are very radical, and should be avoided by those of the Southern zone.

We all know the people of Southern Cameroons are peaceful and loving. We cannot continue to accept people who will bring the division rule to make hate ourselves. BaretNews is therefore calling on all people of Southern Cameroons never to heed to scandalous calls for division. Southern Cameroons is one and indivisible. We have to redouble our efforts in naming and shaming xenophobes who dwell among us.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor, BaretaNews


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