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Reconciliation Is Not Weakness-Acting President Assures Ambazonians









My dear people,

When I took office just a month after the unfortunate incident, the abduction of our President and a good number of his cabinet members, my pledge was and has always been to serve every single Ambazonian irrespective of their affiliation.

Ambazonians across the globe are naturally gifted individuals, that’s why as Acting President, I seek a governance of collectivism and not that of cynicism.

I do not believe that anyone’s light would need to be switched off for mine to shine. I believe deeply that the energy embedded in me can illuminate my space and provide clarity to many in the midst of this gross darkness.

It is our birth right as Ambazonians to be confident with ourselves. Confident people are real people and real people are like stars; no star looses it’s luminosity because another star shines.

As a boxing fan, I like watching boxing, and one thing I admire is, during a boxing contest, the boxers fight as though they want to kill each other. At the end, irrespective of who carries the day, both fighters embrace themselves as though there were not fighting.

Fellow Ambazonians,

Let’s not instigate fights amongst ourselves where there’s nothing to fight each other about. I have chosen to serve my people because I love them heartily and I so dearly want to see them totally free. Let love characterise our service for our homeland.

I would like to tell those who are insinuating that it is some form of weakness for us to seek reconciliation between children of the same mother, Ambazonia, that they are surely mistaken. This Interim Government is not naive, we have learned from our mistakes and we can only get wiser, better and stronger by the day.

Once again, I am extending a hand of fellowship to all, to foster real brotherliness amongst us Ambazonians.
In accordance with our newly created ACORN- Ambazonia Commission for Reconciliation and Negotiations, I said, our imprisoned leaders are ex officio members of the commission. For those who didn’t understand the modest language employed, let me rephrase. I simply meant that our President Sisiku and Co. must be released before any form of negotiations can be undertaken.

Can fickle minds just get humble and listen to understand rather than listen to react or criticize? What are we campaiging for? Who are we campaigning with?

This is a revolution, it has never been a campaign or contest for this IG but rather a phenomenal revolutionary movement made up of great and hard-working men and women who love their country and want it free from occupation.

Let us refocus, believe in the greatness within and between, mobilize and support our counties LGA by LGA, and look forward to the day we shall chant hymns of victory at the foot of Mount Fako in our rightful capital of Buea.

God Bless You,
And May God Bless the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

Dr. Samuel Sako

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