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United Kingdom To Sell 20 Typhoon Jets To La Republique-Investigations Revealed







United Kingdom Country Executives

La republic plans hit Ambazonia with Airstrikes.

Fellow Ambazonians, the UK country team has received reliable intelligence from a reliable source in France that LRC plans to acquire 10 to 20 typhoon jets from the United Kingdom, with the sponsorship of France. According to our source, the UK on its part will use the pretext of helping LRC fight boko haram to sell these weapons, whereas the real intention is to bomb Ambazonia freedom fighters from the air. The UK also intends to send its military to train LRC on how to use the jets. Note that the typhoon jet is one of the most sophisticated war weapon that can hit targets from several hundreds of kilometres with surgical precision.

Recall that the UK created the mess we find ourselves in and they are keen to bury it under the carpet. Apparently, LRC and France have succeeded to convince the UK that this problem can be resolved if they support LRC to kill the handful of terrorists in Ambazonia. In addition, selling these jets is a very lucrative business for the UK because it creates jobs for its citizens. Generally, selling weapons of war is one of the evil the West pride itself in, while pretending to be the beacon of democracy. France, on its part, is aware that the independence of Ambazonia will crumble its grip of CEMAC countries and plunge LRC into an economic meltdown, which will warrant substantial financial support from France to recover.

The calculation they have probably made is that our fighters are based in the bushes and identifying their location through open confrontation with LRC military and the use of technology (heat sensitive cameras) will reduce civilian casualties. This falls in line with the reason why LRC will not allow any international organisation into Ambazonia to carry out any investigation. Our boys must take some precautions. Their hideouts in the bushes should be directly shaded by trees. They should also avoid sitting very close to each other when they are resting. They should consider changing the resting place whenever possible. Ambazonians on ground zero should be vigilant and collect evidence of any bombing or fighter jets flying in the skies and report them.

The key action with regards to these typhoon sales should be taken by Ambazonians in the UK, who should send a letter to their respective MPs and asked them the questions below:

Is the UK government planning to sell or have already sold typhoon jets to the Republic of Cameroon? If yes what is the reason for the sale?

Is it to fight boko haram in the North or British Southern Cameroonian activist who are legitimately using their right to self-defence against the brutal regime of Mr Paul Biya?

We hope that the MPs will ask the government these questions and the response of the government will be on the record. Should we recover any evidence of typhoon jets in our skies or airstrikes on our territory then we shall hold the UK accountable. We equally hope that their awareness of this leak information might prevent them from proceeding with the deal because of fear of reputation damage.

Please contact the UK country team on if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,
Eyong Egbe
PhD student Molecular Cancer Studies

Michael Smith Bldg, C4212
Faculty of Life Science, University of Manchester

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