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Prof Lumumba Lampoons Life Jailing Of Ambazonia Leaders: Calls For International Intervention



Assasination Sisiku Ayuk-Tabe

Prof Lumumba Lampoons Life Jailing Of Ambazonia Leaders: Calls For International Intervention

By Mbah Godlove.

Renowned Pan African scholar, Professor Patrick Lumumba has outrightly lambasted a recent Colonial court order upholding the life sentence for ten Ambazonian Leaders incarcerated in French Cameroun.

Bearly 24 hours after a French Cameroun rejected an appeal filed in by the lead counsel of President Sisiku and co, the firebrand Kenyan intellectual took to his official account, Friday, September 18, describing the verdict as a parody of justice.

“The decision by the Appeal Court in Cameroon to sentence Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and his compatriots to life imprisonment is a travesty of justice. We urge the International Community to adopt these Warriors as Prisoners of conscience and to condemn the regime,” he said.

The leading and vocal Pan Africanist has often castigated dictatorial regimes like that of Paul Biya who has ruled French Cameroun for 38 years.

It is hoped that the International Community would shun political expediences and embrace Professor Lumumba’s clarion call to release the detained Ambazonian Leaders and over 5,000 other Southern Cameroonians held in detention centers across La Republic du Cameroun.

As BN had earlier reported, President Sisiku and his allies were abducted in Abuja, Nigeria over two years ago and illegally deported to French Cameroun where they were handed a life sentence in August 2019

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