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Pioneer Consortium President, Agbor Balla Calls Out Intolerant Ambazonians



Pioneer Consortium President, Agbor Balla Calls Out Intolerant Separatists
By Mbah Godlove
Barrister Agbor Nkongho Balla has called out the intolerance from Ambazonians who disagree with others and labelled them as blacklegs, enablers etc. In a Facebook post, August 1st, 2020, the consortium pioneer leader was bitter insisting that we cannot succeed as a people if the infighting continues. Barrister Balla whom himself has come under constant attacks from some separatists says the actions of some Ambazonians have made it possible for many Southern Cameroons brilliant minds to shy away and take the back seat. BaretaNews in a broader context agrees with the Consortium leader. In fact, the insolence and intolerance now hugely exist amongst separatists themselves and the root cause can be traced to the alphabet TV Chris Anu, who has used the platform to attack almost if not all other groups, leaders, fighters, Ambazonians etc. You may read Balla’s statement below
“When we stop the infighting, Labelling those we disagree with them as Enablers, Blacklegs, Traitors, Sell out Etc. And we include each and everyone into the debate without attacking their persons or positions then we shall truly be on track. A lot of our brothers and sisters with constructive and Brilliant ideas with leadership qualities have either withdrawn from the struggle or decided to take a back seat. This is due to the insults and “I know it all syndrome” where some people deify leaders and are intolerant to healthy debates and discussions. We cannot succeed as a people if we don’t address these facts. Thanks”

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