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Consternation in Bamenda Over Mile 90 Killings



Consternation in Bamenda Over Mile 90 Killings

By Mbah Godlove

There has been a general atmosphere of mourning in Bamenda following the brutal killing of 5 unarmed civilians.

Sources say the incident was carried by French Cameroun colonial forces in mile 90, a neighborhood near the city of Bamenda.

During the launching of a new bar in the locality, the colonial elements reportedly stopped over to have some drinks.

After a few hours, the French Cameroun soldiers began shooting indiscriminately when they learned that Ambazonia Restoration fighters were not far from the area.

The stray bullet resulted in the deaths of 5 unarmed civilians, while others sustained injuries, Sunday, April 18.

The killing had made many a Bamenda denizen weep over the lives that a binging wasted as a result of the ongoing war of Independence.

Almost everyone in the city has been experiencing disdain this Monday as the population remained indoors to observe the traditional ghost town in solidarity with those fighting for the course of Independence.

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