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Patricia Scotland Cameroun Visit Is A Political Scam-Shey Tatah



Commonwealth, Patricia Scotland





A commonwealth partner in French.
The visit of SG for commonwealth to the Cameroons is a huge failure.Why ? This is because it was a full scam, a game to blindfold the world and to hide the realities of what is happening in the Cameroons.

Listening to the her speech, she fell short of the realities of the platform she leads. She addresses the scene from hear say and what she was presented to read, surely bought over visit. Cameroon is commonwealth member because of the two English speaking regions. Yet, her visit is centered and concentrated on the French regions, who is deceiving who?

She calls Cameroon a member of commonwealth and yet, the president of that country addresses you in French.

She calls Cameroon a member of commonwealth and yet, she condemn the actions of the opposition party at the parliament hoping they reacted differently. Did she really watch and was briefed on what took place in the parliament?

There is a serious crisis in the regions that make Cameroon commonwealth membership questionable and yet, she is not visiting the field to see things for herself. Yet, she is quick to make a statement in it.

The president tells her Musonge commission is the solution and that he will punish people he has tagged as terrorists and yet, she promises security to him. She is overwhelmed by the little decorations on her and she ignores the plight of the people whom she is called to serve.

Like the UN, she exhibited to the public that money rules and that human rights and justice have no place.
May it interest her to know that this visit is considered a private visit between her and Cameroun Regime. Did she take a clear look at the close to 100 people that received her at the presidency? How many Anglophones did she see apart from the PM?

Yes it’s true Richard King entertained her at the Hilton Hotel but the lone North west dance was the Kikum from the PM’s village Oku. Even the CRTV was not afraid to announce it. This is simply because no Anglophone Group is part of that arrangement apart from private decisions.

She is talking about elections when the country is at war, what a shame!!!! She even disgraced her own history when she failed to acknowledge the history of the two Cameroons. Her entire speech saw a thunderous applause only when she mentioned what she was paid to come and say, the word Unity. Even at the mention of the words peace and unity, her body language betrayed her. We can go on and one but those of us from the English extraction can now evidently, confidently and categorically state that this was a private visit between Patricia Scotland and Cameroun Regime not commonwealth country.

I shall be back for more
Shey Tatah

NB: Edited for clarity by BaretaNews

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