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We are entering a decisive phase, let’s send them back in coffins -Revolutionary Leader Cho Ayaba





My fellow Ambazonians,

We have fought Cameroun for 58 years non stop. They are a stubborn enemy because they consider us as their slaves. When they could not destroy our resistance, they recruited from amongst us traitors to represent them. They have perfected murder and bribery as tools of enslavement. It has not worked this time. Where bribery and murder has not worked, they have added elections as an instrument of deception. They have organised numerous elections wherein you have been barred from
voting: wherein when you have managed to vote, your vote has been rendered useless. They have used elections as a tool to legitimise their tyranny over us. Listening to Biya and his ministers you can really understand the level of contempt and arrogance; you can feel the nagging sense of our non existence. What have they offered us to be this arrogant? Who gave them the mandate over us to be this arrogant? If you have ever been dreaming that one day these arrogant brutes will change, you must have been disappointed each time you listened to them. We must also show them that we have backbone; that we are not their pigs; that this generation will not BLINK in the face of their arrogance. We must endure, sacrifice and fight to the bitter end until their last soldier is killed in our country

Fellow citizens of our great Nation

During the past weeks your forces have humiliated Cameroun soldiers across different parts of our country. In Momo, Cameroun military personnel’s were overhead crying after almost 18 of them were either wounded or killed. In the warrior State of Bui our defence forces inflicted heavy casualties on the occupier as they attempted to encircle our forces. A special marine unit crossed into Cameroun and destroyed a forward base recovery materials.

Fellow Ambazonians

In the past one month and through your kindness we have been able to upgrade materials and we are continuing to supply our forces. The months of January and February are decisive months in our war against the barbarians across the border. As they move hundreds of troops into our territory, our main focused must be how to send these troops back to Cameroun in coffins. We must have a decisive victory over the arrogance and blood thirsty attitude of Cameroun. We must all be focused at this decisive phase. Our soldiers are more equipped, more experience and understand what exactly is needed from them to write Camerouns obituary in our homeland. We must equally be aware that Cameroun is determined to keep us as their slaves. They are determined to govern us without our consent and they are determined to keep us in perpetual misery as a captured people. Such a system must be confronted, destroyed and eliminated from the phase of the earth and it is the responsibility of this generation to achieve that. I am confident in 2020 because we are better prepared. In the journey of your life l want you to count yourself as one of those who ended the madness and brutality of a regime that offered nothing other than pain and misery. I want you to count yourself amongst the brave patriot volunteers who stood firm when every thought it was impossible. Your tale, bravery and sacrifice will become the story told through time and space by those who will benefit from your resistance

Dr Cho Ayaba

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