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Today has been a very busy day for Government officials from La Republique Du Cameroun. We have had Government Ministers, SDOs, DOs having multiple meetings all in a bid to force school resumption on Monday 9th January 2017. The consortium which brings together civil society organizations with teachers and lawyers inclusive have declared that the strike continues. The Consortium had declared Ghost town on Monday 9th. Catholic, PCC, and other mission schools have postponed school reopening. Anglophone Parents in Yaounde as well the Francophone Transporters Union have also declared support by joining the ghost town action on Monday 9th. While the Anglophone Parents in Centre region say their children will stay home and not go to school in solidarity with those in West Cameroon, the Francophone Transporters say they will be joining the Ghost Town totally.

However, some agents of the Government from West Cameroon are going about sending messages to sabotage the struggle.
We can’t allow La Republique to outsmart us on social media. Any post which does not promote this struggle, any post which seeks to divide us, any post which tries to remind us of a past in a so-called NW/SW lines please don’t share it.

Sharing such a post only helps the enemy only. That is what they want. We should all use our intellect. Don’t be fast to share a post. We must not be seen to project the agenda of the enemy. Not all of us have strong spirits. Some of us might be weak and we must carry these individuals along therefore such posts weaken the struggle.

Whenever you receive any post or article, please read and if it does not promote our struggle just delete it. Don’t share. Don’t even talk about it to person B. If it’s a public post made by an enemy (all those against the struggle), you can only defend the course by commenting on where you saw such a distraction so that you diffuse the post but sharing no.

I am saying so because agents of Satan are already out with messages trying to divide us. They want to destroy this unity we have as Southern Cameroonians.

Unity pays.lets keep our children home and observe a total ghost town Monday. Let’s proof to Biya and his agents that it is over and never again shall we be manipulated until our West Cameroon statehood is restored.

This is Mark Bara and I approve this message.

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