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Of New Battle Ground and The Art of Calling and Texting



Southern Cameroonians have developed a new art. Now everyone is involved. The battle ground is no more on Facebook since the community shield rules on Facebook are stringent. It has moved to Whatsapp groups where it is more private and relax and it seems the signs are good. Southern Cameroonians are now involved in the art of calling and texting distractors of the struggle and for the most part, these threats are credible and capable. I have received feedbacks of some of the calls people made. In many WhatsApp groups, people have been sharing phone numbers and we have been receiving messages for those who are against our struggle so that we can call. We have been calling and from the feedbacks, we receive, the calls are working. There is already a wave of panic in the air which is credible. This is part of the struggle.

Most of those called try to explain and make a 360-degree change, others go to make a public post to show that they are with the struggle while others are still adamant. Do not bother, keep calling and texting. It is part of our democratic rights to express our concerns through a phone call or text. The people concerned must listen to us as they have decided not to provide an adequate venue where the administration is closer to the people and where we can lay our concerns.

Therefore, once you receive a phone number in your WhatsApp groups etc to call, before sharing it, make that call and tell whosoever the dangers of going against the struggle. This is the people’s struggle and everyone is called upon to fall in line. When you call, pass on your information and give no room for dialogue. You can’t waste your credit on one person. I guess all of us belong to one or two WhatsApp groups. Get some credits into your phone before you sleep tonight Saturday 7th January 2017 and get ready for the last batch of calls tomorrow Sunday. We must make sure Monday 9th is 100 percent successful.

This new found way of communicating is helpful and sends a strong message to those against the struggle that getting them and/or families is so much easy if they do not fall in line. Thomas Jefferson once said ” Resistance to Tyranny is Obedience to God”. The Resistance continues.

God bless You
Mark Bareta.

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