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Southern Cameroonians Are Left With Only One Option










Every village in Southern Cameroons celebrated independence restoration on 1st October 2017 and pledged their loyalty. In some areas, the military decided to respond with genocidal acts and they continued today and spread to other areas. Every village that came out, they danced, some made local food ate etc. These villages, cities and community who came out did so because for so long they have waited that opportunity to be feel freedom. SCBC and the governing council gave them that feeling to be able to watch and love their own channel and to be able to be close to their own leadership.

For many years, movement had declared independence but has never had so much popular support talk less of the fact every one now know the true history. This governing council and Struggle has brought our people together, who are ready to defend motherland. They showed it yesterday with determination and with courage. They left their homes despite the military presence to dare. The last thing we have to do now will be to honour the memories of these brave heroes and continue till freedom.

Our actions have pained the regime to the point where they are doing currently genocidal actions. In Bamenda, Belo, Fundong, Ndop, and many other areas, they are breaking homes, destroying satellite dishes, breaking shops and stealing, shooting and abducting young people, raping girls etc. In Mamfe, they are shooting on the legs, breaking homes and indiscriminately shooting as well as in Akwaya. Serious human rights abuse and genocide currently ongoing.

Reports say in South West alone more than 70 are dead. SDF Chairman today over BBC says he fears at least 30 dead, 50 more wounded with multiple being abducted. This number is dangerously low. There is serious massacre going on in our land. Our role now is that this platform must inform so that we can document these facts and do not hide them. We are currently building data asking our people to inform us of the number gone. As a result of internet and social media shutdown in Southern Cameroons, it becomes difficult to get quick data.

Electricity has been cut in most areas. It goes off and on. The situation is terrible.

At this point in time, what can we do? We cannot give the oppressor voice by start blaming leadership of the struggle because leadership did what must be done and our people approved. We must call Biya out to the international world and expose the genocide currently going in our land. Diaspora must make daily protest at all UN and media buildings to inform the world on what is happening and most especially all self defense groups must now be dangerously empowered to defend homeland.

The regime has pushed the people to a dangerous corner. The people have no choice now than to self defend themselves by making sure self defense groups in communities are formed. The people are indeed left with no choice than to pick up arms.

As it stands, we have no option than to defend restoration until all part of us are restored, going back to la Republique rule is not an option. The only option here is building the defense, engaging in it until we are in full control.

We must end by honouring the lifes of all those who died with their ultimate dream to see homeland free.

Mark Bareta

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