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Northern Zone Journalists Deny Cameroun Propaganda Message, Boycott Press Conference



Bamenda Journalists tell Atanga Nji and General Agha to do the right thing, Boycott Press Conference and deny them airtime on radio.

Members of the North West Chapter of the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists, CAMASEJ, North West Chapter has issued a press statement dated 21st March calling General Agha Robinson and Biya’s hitman Atanga Nji to order.According to the statement, the association has called on all her members to stop a pidgin message of propaganda from being aired on their radio stations. The said recorded message is from one of Biya’s deadliest General, Agha Robinson. BaretaNews gathers that, the interview from the General is about 20 minutes and is purely propaganda for La Republique calling on Restoration Forces to leave the bushes and drop their arms. The journalists say its a risk for them to broadcast since their own lives and media outlets are at risk between the two fighters.

This campaign is to pave way for Atanga Nji’s press conference in Bamenda on Friday. The journalists say they want peace but can’t use peace initiatives for personal gains. As a result, they are boycotting the Press Conference.
At BaretaNews, we as a press organ continue to work in solidarity with all media and especially those of the southern Cameroons who have braved the odds to dish just the right information to our people. We however continue to encourage them to stand firm on this decision and practice just their journalism else they won’t be spared for siding with the bloody regime. This is because, Restoration Forces are watching at them. Just last month, the president of that Association was arrested for advocating school resumption.

Atanga Nji Paul and Gen. Agha Robinson are some of the worst of biya’s hitmen who have orchestrated the murder of southern Cameroonians in the Northern Zone. Being sons of the soil, we are informing them that the Never Again Generation will hit them soon.

Sumelong Ekane

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