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Activist Going Blind in Prison For Reading a Book by Che Guevara- Free Him

BaretaNews has been reliable informed that activist Oben Maxwell Eyong, Southern Cameroons National Council Yaounde Coordinator is almost going blind in prison. He has been in this condition without trial for more than 36 months.

This activist was arrested on the eve of President Biya’s visit to Buea for the so-called Cameroons reunification celebration in 2013. He was arrested at Mile 17 Motor Park for debating secession with another person who went free. He was charged with insurrection after he was found reading a book by Che Guevara. It is revealed he has developed severe eye problems to the extent he’s only seeing right now with the use of contact lenses. It is a shame he can’t identify people and objects before him unless with the use of contact lenses- revealed, Leke Theodore, SCNC Second vice National Chairman.


Leke who visited him continued “Oben is looking very frail, haggard, weak and already showing signs of a man who has given up hopes of surviving the harsh detention conditions,” Leke insinuated that Oben is detained under very deplorable conditions and so far only him (Leke) and another SCNC activist, one Mathias Arrey Bissong, have been assisting Oben.


Recalling that Oben’s trial is yet to formally begin despite spending already over three years in prison. A Buea Magistrate Court judge had earlier cancelled a bail she had granted. Despite spirited arguments by Oben’s lawyers that he be bailed, Justice Beatrice Nambangi maintained that his case was too sensitive and could not be treated with levity.


It is a shame that one could stay that long in prison without a formal trial. It is a shame that freedom of expression and to debate about topics that touch the identity of the people is now criminal. Oben seems to have been abandoned by all sectors that could have come to his help. No one despite their political philosophy should suffer what Oben is going through. It is the time we as a people with the quest for human rights should use all our forces and contacts to cause the release of activist Oben Maxwell. Let us make Oben’s case known to any quarters that could help. By sharing this post, you are one step with the information to an institution/body that could help. I am falling short on calling Cameroons political actors because it is evident none of them cares about the human right situation in the country.

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God is still saying something.

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