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Of Nera 12 And Abductions of IG Leadership: Two Months, No Sights, Many Questions Unanswered



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Of Nera 12 And Abductions of IG Leadership: Two Months, No Sights, Many Questions Unanswered

It is exactly two months and one day since President Ayuk Julius Tabe was abducted together with his entire closed cabinet. After two months we have not had any clue to what is actually happening. We can only ask questions that help us find answers. Questions we must as a matter of fact ask because it is evident that it was an insight job.

BaretaNews comes back to asking these questions because we cannot just pretend as if all is ok. We cannot just pretend as if La Republique Du Cameroun which it is known for masterminding the arrest will just hand over our leadership. We cannot just pretend as if nothing has happened when the core of the government leadership were taken away. It is exactly two months and as we asked questions on the very first day, we will continue to ask these questions in years if care is not taken. We cannot just pretend as if those abducted do not have families who bother about them. Away from that, I want to congratulate Southern Cameroonians in South Africa who are taking turns at the Nigerian High Commission to force the government of Nigeria to talk. This is very laudable.

It is however two months counting, BaretaNews is bound to come back to these questions. We cannot just pretend any of us is safe. Even this writer as he writes with a host of others are not safe. The abduction of our leaders is one of the biggest scandal ever known in any revolutionary history and such a move does not only involved La Republique, I am confident from every indication it involved us, the ‘Judas(es)’, La Republique agents, French and Nigerian officials. It remains an international conspiracy. To get us on track, to remind the powers that be, the people of Ambazonia must not go silent because the enemy is still within. Let’s recall these lines.

1. Why is it difficult for Nigerian authorities to issue a statement concerning the abductions of IG leadership despite the fact that La Republique over and over again has maintained that Nigeria extradited them? What keeps Nigeria silent?

2. How is it possible that those extradited to Cameroun have not been seen neither by families nor lawyers? Even terrorists on very high secured prison in the West are seen, they have access to lawyers and right to be heard. What stops La Republique to show IG Leaders despite the fact that these leaders are just freedom fighters with no crime?

3. How come Nigeria extradited 10 out of 12 abducted and left two on the grounds we do not yet know. Does it mean that once they were abducted , they were separated and kept in different places? Is Nigeria telling us that indeed they extradited those individuals but still yet paying sealed lips to issue an official statement?

4. The notion that the two who remained were not extradited because they were Nigerian citizens and/or refugees does not add up. Should we now ask if the 12 were actually abducted together or differently since no one is talking? Is Nigeria aware that some extradited to Cameroun have exactly the same status with those two left behind in Nigeria and some are actually American citizens? Why has Nigeria not send the Americans to America? Is the American embassy too in this mafia for failing to protect their citizens?Is Nigeria aware that extraditing refugees is against international law and yet they still went ahead? How could they flagrantly violate international law and yet still stayed quiet and everything seems normal? What makes the two left behind special to the other 10, some of whom have exactly the same status as the two?

5. The Acting President promised an investigation committee into these issues. Why has that committee not been made public so that Ambazonians know exactly who is investigating the issues so that the people can trust such a committee. Why has the AIP not made public the names of those who knew about the 5th January meeting and have been suspended directly or indirectly from dealing with the IG? Is the IG aware that if the public must trust such a committee, it’s composition, content and modus operandi must be at the highest transparency level with public knowledge so that what exactly happened is known and trusted?

6. What is happening that even after the first gaffe, some arrests are still being made in Nigeria which is causing tongues to wangle. Have we not learned our lessons? Or is it that this is a coordinated move and sabotage from certain quarters to weaken the revolution?

7. How much longer are we going to wait before the released two speak out so that the people can start connecting the dots and flushing the lies and propaganda no matter whose asses are affected? Of course the people deserve to hear from the released two as to what happened to their leadership. It is not a privilege, it’s a responsibility and an obligation.

BaretaNews as the first platform which came out forcefully requesting for an Acting President a week after the abductions of IG leadership but came under huge attack for asking too soon is again voicing out concerns that the IG leadership must get to the bottom of the Nera 12 scandal. When we asked for an AIP, they gave us a Presidential Council. We stood firm until an AIP was finally made public. BaretaNews is again using this platform to call on the present IG leadership to make known public the committee they promised will be set up to investigate this issue. At most if we cannot know the members of the committee, we must know the head and be informed that this committee is doing its job, even if not for us but for the families of those abducted. They deserve it.

Do not ask Mark Bareta why he is not saying this behind but for the public. This post does not deserve any back door questions. Citizens participation in the way government operates comes through a strong media and this is exactly what we of this platform are doing. It pushes leadership to act and act wisely.

We have seen appointments made into various positions in the IG, while these according to the IG are important, we of this platform are putting more interest on that investigation committee. We want to see it going to work so as to get to the bottom of this because the mafia involving the abductions is not yet flushed. In fact, it seems the network keeps growing and getting powerful on daily basis. The enemies are still there smiling planning their next moves and most of us might be sheepishly acting with them in good faith without even knowing their intentions etc.

The time is now-we need answers and that must start coming from the IG. All talk no action are taking us no where if we must borrow from Donald Trump lines. We know that families may have employed private detectives but the Ambazonia people deserve theirs.

No one is safe, we all go to bed with one eye. The NERA 12 has the capabilities to repeat again in many different forms if at all it has not even started. Watch out.

Mark Bareta

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