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When Facts Do Not Lie: La Republique Forces On War Crimes



mass murder scheme in ambazonia







When Facts Don’t lie:Not in my name by Mark Bareta

Off course facts don’t hide. It is a fact that La Republique soldiers began killing us as far back as december 2016, three months into our revolution. It is also a fact that on September 22nd and October 1st, 2016 our people went out after calls from the then GC to peacefully commemorate. They went out with peace plants and peace plants they had only. They were met with La Republique barbarism. They massacred our people mercilessly. We all saw it with hundreds wounded, mass graves. That was a red line for us. That changes everything about us and made us to finally consider self defense in its entirety.

No, I refuse vehemently the fact that the actions of our self defense groups are causing La Republique to act against us and commit atrocities. Barbarism is inscript into the veins of La Republique. That is all what they know. They have shown it to us repeatedly.

If La Republique forces were man enough, when few “terrorists” acts as they decided to call our defense forces, they will not go out to burn civilians alive, burnt properties, chase them to bushes and kill our people. A responsible military as powerful as they claimed will protect the community from the so called “terrorists” and chase the so called terrorists to bring them to book. But what do we see, we see them going against the very population they claim to protect. Let’s look around the world and see if any revolution is same as ours with military not going against the said fighters but chasing our people.

We cannot give a pass grade to La Republique soldiers because we want to proof a point or because hatred has over taken us. It is never done. This must be condemn. The actions of La Republique is not strange to us. We have seen it even before self defense groups started acting. What they did to us on 1st October is more than what they have done to us since self defense started till now. In fact, our self defense groups are only trying to reach the equilibrium of 1st October. Let’s say things as it should be.

We have had Boko Haram, the real terrorists group acting up north and committing atrocities, why are they going after them and protecting the population? Why don’t they roast the population as they are doing in Ambazonia?

Why? This is because La Republique considers all Southern Cameroonians as terrorists. Whether you belong to a defense force or not, they consider all of us as accomplices, as people who offer them space so they don’t go after our defense forces but after the population. To them,we are dogs etc

Not in my name that I should ever give La Republique soldiers a pass grade and put the blame of their actions on self defense actions carried out by self defense groups. Any responsible military will go after the fighters and protect the people so as to win their confidence but because Paul Biya has declared war on us, they don’t care.

We must come out loud and clear as Ambazonians to immediately start destroying this thought. It’s a very dangerous line some people are trying to thread on. To leave La Republique soldiers and start putting blames on the self defense groups actions rather than offer advice, ideas on how to change strategy, support is a line no leader must cross and it is something which scares me.

For the second time I am afraid ever in this revolution. #NotInMyName

Mark Bareta

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