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BaretaNews Editorial: Fru Ndi Bed-Wetting With Paul Biya



The story of the creation of the Social Democratic Front- SDF is not new to “Anglophone” Cameroonians. The foundation and reasons why the SDF was created is not new to West Cameroonians. Yes, the SDF was created to salvage Anglophones from the political and cultural stagnation within the present Cameroon. Yes, the place of Ni John Fru Ndi in the Cameroons democracy and political evolution cannot be refused. Yes, the SDF is not an Anglophone party. It is a national party though with strong political base in West Cameroon. And yes no party forgets and abandons its original mission on why it was created no matter how it could have metamorphosised because the objectives it was created has not been met.

Be it as it may, since the beginning of this struggle, we have seen and heard the role of the SDF and its leadership. It has been commendable especially in their public releases and the rally organised in Buea. However, we have seen the outburst of the SDF Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi towards the role the Hon. Wirba, SDF MP played in Parliament when Wirba called out La Republique like no other MP has done since Southern Cameroons political concubinage with La Republique Du Cameroun since 1961 and yes, it is true that Hon. Wirba performance in La Republique parliament caught La Republique du Cameroun off guard. Wirba’s action was strange to them, it was like a taboo since they do not hold power to account and yes Wirba’s actions was very much welcome by the people of West Cameroon both home and abroad. It gives Southern Cameroonians reason to hope and believe again. It rekindles the last strength in Southern Cameroonians to fight on towards the restoration of their lost state through a fraudulent 1972 20th, May referendum.

We have seen and read Wirba’s 7th March, 2017 letter wherein he showed disappointment in the Chairman and the SDF not standing up for him after his warrant of arrest. He had to escape to Nigeria.

BaretaNews stands with Hon. Wirba and chastised the SDF for not defending their own. Others have said though very minimal that politicians are not freedom fighters and that Fru Ndi was on the right side of history for calling out Wirba. We disagree, some politicians are freedom fighters. The frequent slogan that politics is a game of interest must not be personal interest. That’s where some of us fail. That interest must be the one which benefits your people and that’s what Wirba did. He Looked at the interest of the people of West Cameroon above party issues because all that he said in La Republique Parliament are things the party should have embraced rather than distancing and claiming it’s not party policies. What is party policies when the sovereign people of West Cameroon are involved? Politicians should stand first for their people, constituency, and country before party. This is what is killing Africa and some other parts of the world today.

In the Western world for example and in some advanced democracies in Africa like Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa, politicians play politics for interest and most often than not such interest benefits their country and constituency they represent. They give a damn to party politics because first, they are humans with individual actions. They stand up for their people first.

It is the position of BaretaNews that the SDF was supposed to embrace Wirba, rally behind him publicly and protect him from La Republique fangs then within the house scold him and say oga we think next time do this or that if at all it was necessary. Fru Ndi was supposed to be the stateman here. He was supposed to rise up like the mother hen to cover his chickens. Instead, Fru Ndi exposes Wirba, he directly shown him the door, provided him no shelter and that’s why Wirba left. Wirba is good to us free than in jail because Fru Ndi was indirectly telling Biya, you can now have him, sir. It is fair to say that the actions of Fru Ndi are exactly the same as that of Paul Biya as both men do not want anyone in their respective parties to steal the limelight from them. Fru Ndi literally is bedwetting with Paul Biya.

Imagine, however, Fru Ndi coming out and warned Biya ” if you dare with any of my MPs I will show you the toughness of the SDF ” Fru Ndi has the power. He is powerful but he bed wets with Biya and can’t protect his own.

Thank God this will soon over, Southern Cameroonians are in charge
Mark Bareta
CEO, BaretaNews

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