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The Myth Behind The “Good” Francophone.








The Myth behind the “Good” Francophone


There are as many “Good” Francophones are there are “Bad” Anglophones; so this equation balances. As the Government thugs ravage the cities and villages of Southern Cameroonians; some Ambazonians have been hopeful of “one day” having a Francophone backing towards our struggle. This I call wishful thinking because even though many Francophones are aware of the correctness of the Anglophone claims. They are not willing stake their necks to come to our rescue. Even though some say not every “Francophone” is bad; this is what they should know.


English Translation:
“I’ve just seen the photo of the Ambazonian first couple. This shit is serious!”
“If those fools want to secede from Cameroun Let’s cut our electricity, our water, our Internet and let’s see how they will survive”


English Translation:
“Psychological experiment: Let’s leave them with two neighbourhoods, evacuate the innocent, and we take away the rest since it belongs to us! We will see if their Ambazonia will survive without our resources.”
“And look at South Sudan, where are they now? If only they knew… only if”

These screenshots come from a famous tech Entrepreneur(Oliver Madiba) based in Douala who had said some “nice” things about the Anglophone oppression here is what this “Good” francophone told his friends “privately” on Twitter. True to their image the so called “Good” francophones know the benefits they are receiving from the Anglophone oppression and will not want to jeopardize their interests; this is demonstrated in their insistence on empty rhetoric without any concrete actions undertaken on their part to satisfy the Ambazonian cry.

Even though the Camerounese community (“French speaking Cameroun”) is a heterogeneous community who despite their ethnic disparities will achieve consensus on no other matter than their common resentment of the Anglophone. This was demonstrated in Ahidjo pushing for a quick succession to Paul Biya over a more qualified S.T. Muna as well as the grant of Amnesty to Political prisoners by Paul Biya during the 1990s as a countermeasure against the SDF usurpa. They sit and enjoy a privileged position that they do not deserve, are aware of this and spend their time trying to justify why things are so with statements like: “There are Anglophones too in Government”, “Anglophones complain too much” or sneer at Ambazonians like “Les Bamendas aiment trop les problemes” meaning “Anglophones are troublesome” that is to say every Ambazonian is from Bamenda which further demonstrates their ignorance of the Anglophone demography.. We should know that where privileges in political opinion exist they will try to justify their privileged position and their usurpation of power, there is no “good” Francophone!


The role of the “Good” francophone as some may call them in the Ambazonian struggle is a curious one. Some Ambazonians have “friends” from La Replique and this wears on their conscience with thoughts like “There are still some “good” elements among them; the Government is the problem”. The problem with with this defective perspective lies in the fact that the so called “good” francophones are part of the civil service, the military. They are our teachers, Governors, SDOs, Doctors, lawyers and our market women who own most of the shops. Looking at the bigger picture you realize that the so called average Francophone is part of the oppressive system we have suffered for decades in this country. Only our independence will give us the flexibility of thinking for ourselves and adequately using our scarce resources to plan for ourselves and our future generations; so there is no “Good” Francophone!


From this it becomes clear that the Francophones are useless as co-architects of a normal society where man is nothing but a human dedicated to the service of the commonwealth; we have experimented this for over 50 years. The conclusion of this experiment is self evident; what is necessary as a prelude to anything else is to continue working with our grassroots build-up support for our rightful claim which is an independent Southern Cameroons. Remember there are no “good” Francophones so we are alone!


The use of the terminologies above such as Francophone are Anglophone refers to the
Citizens of French Cameroun (Francophone)
Citizens of the Ambazonia/Southern Cameroons (Anglophone).

Some of these terms might have been used interchangeably.

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