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Munzu Letter To Biya: My Aim Is To Allow Presidential Elections To Hold







In Dr. Simon Munzu 11th July, 2018 letter to Paul Biya, Cameroun President, he enumerated 5 recommendations in solving the present conflict in the Cameroons. Dr. Munzu in his 5th recommendation after asking Paul Biya to allow public discuss on the “Anglophone” problem, stated clearly that the aim of his intervention is to ensure Presidential elections in Southern Cameroons goes on smoothly. BaretaNews had earlier published part one of his letter

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In review of the impact and the threats noted under paragraph 1 of the context, above, the following measures are recommended to the Head of State and the Government with a view to addressing the ‘Anglophone Problem’ and ending the ‘Anglophone crisis’;

1. The head of state in an address to the nation, declare the end of the military offensive in the two Anglophone regions and the withdrawal of the military contingents that were deployed there in connection with the offensive. He should announce the commencement of the implementation of the Government’s emergency humanitarian assistance programme and put a credible, experienced and well-respected personality drawn from civil society in charge of implementing it on behalf of the Government and collaboration with the International Community.

2. The Head of State and the Government should endorse and support the plan of moderate Anglophones at home to organize a general conference of all Anglophones which will draw up a list of issues to be examined in a dialogue with the Government on the Anglophone problem and select the representatives of the people for Northwest and Southwest at that dialogue. This general conference will be open to all Anglophones, including the separatists, consequently, conditions should be created for persons currently in prison or on exile and for the internally displaced and refugees to attend and participate in the general conference. Separation and/or independence will be shown at this conference to be the demand of a vocal minority, compared to Anglophones who want to maintain the unity of Cameroon while securing autonomous rule for the two Anglophone regions.

3. The Head of State and the Government should endorse and encourage the effort of the moderate Anglophones, ahead of the Anglophone general conference, to conduct a public information campaign on radio, television, in newspapers and on social media aimed at demonstrating that the separatist agenda is an illusion that should not be adhered to by the population of the southwest and Northwest regions. This would enable the separatists to be isolated at home and abroad and thus reduce the influence that they enjoy now among a poorly informed and misled population.

4. After the cessation of the military offensive, the commencement of implementation of the humanitarian assistance programme and the general conference of Anglophones, the Head of State should visit the two Anglophone regions. During the visit, he should announce the convening of a national dialogue on the Anglophone problem. The Head of State may wish, before doing this, to have a closed working meeting with a limited number of moderate Anglophones drawn from civil Society to discuss and adopt a strategy for the way forward.

5. The aim should be to complete the course of action recommended in this note well before the official opening of the campaign period for the presidential election of 7 October 2018.

11 July, 2018

Dr. Simon Munzu

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