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Munzu Letter To Biya: My Aim Is To Allow Presidential Elections To Hold







In Dr. Simon Munzu 11th July, 2018 letter to Paul Biya, Cameroun President,  he enumerated 5 recommendations in solving the present conflict in the Cameroons. Dr. Munzu in his 5th recommendation after asking Paul Biya to allow public discuss on the “Anglophone” problem, stated clearly that the aim of his intervention is to ensure Presidential elections in Southern Cameroons goes on smoothly. BaretaNews had earlier published part one of his letter

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In review of the impact and the threats noted under paragraph 1 of the context, above, the following measures are recommended to the Head of State and the Government with a view to addressing the ‘Anglophone Problem’ and ending the ‘Anglophone crisis’;

1. The head of state in an address to the nation, declare the end of the military offensive in the two Anglophone regions and the withdrawal of the military contingents that were deployed there in connection with the offensive. He should announce the commencement of the implementation of the Government’s emergency humanitarian assistance programme and put a credible, experienced and well-respected personality drawn from civil society in charge of implementing it on behalf of the Government and collaboration with the International Community.

2. The Head of State and the Government should endorse and support the plan of moderate Anglophones at home to organize a general conference of all Anglophones which will draw up a list of issues to be examined in a dialogue with the Government on the Anglophone problem and select the representatives of the people for Northwest and Southwest at that dialogue. This general conference will be open to all Anglophones, including the separatists, consequently, conditions should be created for persons currently in prison or on exile and for the internally displaced and refugees to attend and participate in the general conference. Separation and/or independence will be shown at this conference to be the demand of a vocal minority, compared to Anglophones who want to maintain the unity of Cameroon while securing autonomous rule for the two Anglophone regions.

3. The Head of State and the Government should endorse and encourage the effort of the moderate Anglophones, ahead of the Anglophone general conference, to conduct a public information campaign on radio, television, in newspapers and on social media aimed at demonstrating that the separatist agenda is an illusion that should not be adhered to by the population of the southwest and Northwest regions. This would enable the separatists to be isolated at home and abroad and thus reduce the influence that they enjoy now among a poorly informed and misled population.

4. After the cessation of the military offensive, the commencement of implementation of the humanitarian assistance programme and the general conference of Anglophones, the Head of State should visit the two Anglophone regions. During the visit, he should announce the convening of a national dialogue on the Anglophone problem. The Head of State may wish, before doing this, to have a closed working meeting with a limited number of moderate Anglophones drawn from civil Society to discuss and adopt a strategy for the way forward.

5. The aim should be to complete the course of action recommended in this note well before the official opening of the campaign period for the presidential election of 7 October 2018.

11 July, 2018

Dr. Simon Munzu

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Southern Cameroons Political Activist



  1. Mbeuh

    July 31, 2018 at 9:26 PM

    Munzu, by playing judge, jury and executioner, has determined that, paraphrasing his words, separatists are a minority whose illusion of an Anglophone (Ambazonian) State can never come to fruition. To which I have this response, again quoting Harriet Tubman, “ I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves”. Obviously Munzu is content with sustaining his miserable life on Biya’s crumbs. So, let sleeping dogs lie and not dare stand in the way of those who are doing the doable. Least they be ‘garried’ – Eric Tataw.

  2. Bonie

    July 31, 2018 at 9:43 PM

    this ugly, loud mouth failed actor should never been given a platform to speak for millions of patriotic SCs,I listened to a dialogue with Chris Anu where he is still playing the so call 1952 ish politic of divide and rule with SW/NW, greedy pig mouth idiot slave thinks we still live in the dark ages, many in this revolution do not recollect the politics of the 50s & 60s,millions of Ambazonians have SW/NW blood,our forefathers thinking ways died long time ago, biya is lucky to still be alive because he and Fru are one of those dotage people who ideology to gain political pionts were divide and rule in the olden days,in this century today’s young and able people of Ambazonia have unity,they will rather die for anglophones than francophone,independence will make both English regions great without the corrupt colonial mentality,any Ambazonia today who talks about the NW grabbing power is as weak as biya and his french slave regime,Mr Munzu you might have fake your Doctorate too working for lrc in UN but many SCs are more smarter than you, education does not always brings common sense,these days many traitors like yourself have nothing to change in or do in Ambazonia,many francophones see Munzu,Ekema, nji, all the other SCs traitors as paid agents fo lrc, useless corrupt anglofools sidelining with a butcher dictator for money and position,weak pathetic attention seekking buffoon.

    • Bali Nyonga

      August 2, 2018 at 2:46 AM

      Please Bonie calm down. Don’t waste anger on Dr. Munzu. I wish Dr. Munzu long life because I will like to shame him with a provocative hi 5 in Buea.

  3. Sunshine

    July 31, 2018 at 10:50 PM

    Munzu is a fox and speaks from two sides of his mouth.

  4. Nchaw

    August 1, 2018 at 12:34 AM

    No matter what’s going on, AMBAZONIANS are so smart and will do all it take to gained their restoration.
    Biya dictatorship has completely Brake the two Cameroon’s again for fever.

    All the paid Agent of LA republic will die one after the other soonest.
    God bless Ambaland.

  5. NDEMA

    August 1, 2018 at 2:46 PM

    Munzu should be hanged

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Anglophone General Conference: Dr Munzu Tricked Us, I am Withdrawing My Support- Eric Acha







1st August 2018
Having read Dr. Simon Munzu’s leaked letter to Mr. Biya (especially the recommendations he made) and his ploy to use the planned AAC3 as a gateway to cement his relationship with the evil regime, I hereby publicly withdraw the little support I had for the conference. I had genuinely believed it was a forum for us sons and daughters of the Southern Cameroons to gather and discuss all the differences we have, with the hope of either agreeing to agree or agreeing to disagree on what we as a people want, and taking our recommendations back to our people for approval.

This belief was further strengthen by the interview His Eminence Christian Cardinal Tumi granted a few days ago, in which he clarified the intent of the conference.Unfortunately, the leaked letter to Biya from Dr. Munzu reveals Munzu had a contrary preconceived agenda and some strange belief that Mr Biya can still be trusted to single-handedly resolve this conflict to the satisfaction of everyone, in the absence of other third parties. This is an illusion.

It is not only naive, but it also delineats Dr. Munzu is compleltely out of touch with the realities on the ground and therefore can not be entrusted with the responsibility to speak for the people, not even for “the moderates”.
To think Biya, who has shown so much disdain and a lack of interest in resolving this conflict will suddenly turn around by the read of a letter and act otherwise is a gross misjudgement on his part, and a complete lack of understanding of who Biya is.

Furthermore, with some of the language used in the leaked letter, it is now evidently clear that no effort whatsoever was made to consult with all other stake holders in this conflict, prior to announcing the conference date, another gross mistake on their part.
With this note, I am therefore withdrawing any previous statement or position that could have suggested I was in support of the August Anglophone General Conference (AGC).

I do however, still strongly hold tight to the belief that a broard-base inclusive All Anglophone Conference is needed to discuss our diverse opinions and positions on the current conflict and to chart a way forward.
Let me also take this opportunity to plead with some of our brothers to tone down the rhetorics. People should not be bullied or intimidated into submission for what they do not agree or believe in.

Let there be a freedom of choice and when conditions will permit, all sons and daughters of the Southern Cameroons (and those who have acquired such status through their duration of settlement on the territory) shall determine their destiny through a well organised process supervised by trusted third parties.
Until such time, aluta continua!
E. Acha

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Kondengui Cries Out: Tell Them






Kondengui Cries Out: Tell Them

By Tsi Conrad, Ambazonian Prisoner
Tell Them

Tell the Munzus and the Tumis that we are angry
We are angry because if their bullet miss us
Their penis will not miss our sisters or our wives
We are angry because in the early 19th century
There was a brotherhood and then a slave hood
We are angry because during the 1961 unification
We brought love while they brought hate and deciet
We are angry because, after the 1961 unification
There was a federation that disappeared for lies
We are angry because after the 1972 fake referendum
Ahidjo seized our Southern Cameroons identity from us

We are angry because after the fake union with them
We lost all our economic and political prowess
We are happy at least for once, because in 1984
Paul Biya secceded from the fake union with a decree
Then we went back to being angry because by 1993
Our brothers and sisters were beaten for the GCE board
Tell the Munzus and the Tumis that we are angry
We are angry because in the early 1990s,
Our brothers and sisters died for multipatism
We are angry because in 2005 at the university of Buea
Our brothers and sisters were killed for protesting exam fraud
We are angry because in 2016 across the southern Cameroons.
Our brothers and sisters were killed during peaceful protests
Now if the Munzus and the Tumis are not angry
Let them know we are angry because, from 1963
Ahidjo and Paul biya have been arresting, Torturing
Killing and imprisoning thousands of Southern Cameroonians

We are angry because from the beginning of the fake union
We have been marginalised, annexed and assimilated
Let the Munzus and the Tumis know if they don’t that
We are angry because We have been insulted, provoked,
Cheated, stigmatised and pushed to the edge as a people
Yes We are angry because we are referred to as Biafrans
Rats, dogs, enemies in the house, Les bamendas, Les ambazozos
We are angry because we have been raped, killed at close range
Maimed and jailed just for being Anglophones in this fake union
Tell the Munzus and the Tumis that we are furious

We are furious because they declared war on us in 2017
They burnt down our homes and villages and then they
Set fire on our grand parents who were too old to run to safety
We are furious because hundreds of thousands of our loved ones now live in the bush and thousands live in misery as refugees
Tell the Munzus and the Tumis that we know they know that we are furious
And we will not be appeased by the black mail of an Anglophone conference
Tell the Munzus and the Tumis that we are furious
We are furious because our chiefs and fons have been politicised
Our pastors and priest have been intimidated, targeted and killed
Our mothers have been made widows and childless
Our fathers have been chased into the bushes like animals
Tell the Munzus and Tumis that we are furious

We are furious because our brothers have been jailed in Yaoundé
We are furious because our intellectuals have been brainwashed
Yes we are furious because we have not seen the proceeds of our oil and timber, neither have we seen the proceeds of our Cameroon bank
Our tiko airport and even the tiko warf, we are furious.
Yes we are furious because we have not seen the proceeds of Our marketing board and our powercam, we are furious.
We are furious if the Munzus and the Tumis don’t know, because,
They keep using war machines and war drones in our villages
They Keep sending thousands of combat troops to our villages
They keep bringing wizards into our towns, yes we are furious.
We are furious because the UN has taken sides with the oppressor
The international community is silent at the oppressor’s attrocities
And so, we shall not be blinded by the Munzus and the Tumis

If there must be an AAC III, the Munzus and the Tumis must know that
Because we have seen so much blood and have buried thousands
Because we have been molested and raped by their military
Because we have been deceived and rejected for 57 years
Because we are Biafrans, rats, dogs and enemies in the house
Because our elites have been brainwashed and sodomised
Because our fons have been politicised and commonised
Because our youths have been jailed and killed at close range
Because we have fought and died for Cameroun severally
Because Ahidjo and Biya have destroyed our livelihood and
Because they mocked and rejected all the resolutions of AAC I and AAC 11.
Because we neglected the prophecy made by E.M.L ENDELEY in 1961,

If and only if there is going to be an AAC III in 2018, then let them know that
We shall be talking about just one thing, A REFERENDUM for the people to decide their fate in the two Cameroons
Tsi Conrad

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Wife of Abducted Southern Cameroons Leader Writes to the Secretary General of the United Nations









His Excellency Mr António Guterres
United Nations
One United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017

Open Letter

Abduction, Illegal Detention and Deportation of my Husband (Julius Ayuk Tabe) and 46 Other Southern Cameroonian Asylum Seekers and Refugees by the Authorities of Cameroon and Nigeria.

Dear Mr Secretary-General,

From the opening moments of your tenure, you were determined to make the promotion of human dignity the core of your work, and pledged to help alleviate the sufferings of the most vulnerable people on earth, especially those forcefully displaced from their homes and communities. At your direction, the UN has adopted a “new approach” that recognizes the institution’s past failures and calls for a “victim-centered strategy rooted in transparency, accountability and justice.” You have spoken movingly of the plight of victims and described how their accounts will haunt you forever. On 26 June 2018, marking the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, you stated that “torture in any form is absolutely unacceptable and can never be justified,” in all circumstances including periods of emergencies, political unrest and even war. This is inspiring and comforting, and gives me and families of victims worldwide some hope.

However, my husband Mr Julius Ayuk Tabe (leader of the people of the Southern Cameroons) and scores of other prominent Southern Cameroonian exiles living in Nigeria, who were abducted in Abuja on 5 January 2018, unlawfully deported to Cameroon and detained incommunicado for six months, are still languishing in illegal detention in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Prior to their abductions, many of them were working in Nigeria as university professors, engineers, businessmen and legal practitioners. Others were refugees who recently fled Cameroon Government-sponsored violence and incipient genocide in the Southern Cameroons. These abductions and extraditions were in flagrant violation of the United Nations Declarations of Human Rights, and the apparent continued silence of the United Nations on this issue calls into question the seriousness with which the United Nations takes its commitment to protect the fundamental rights of peoples everywhere.

Mr Secretary General, I plead with you to use your good offices to compel the government of Cameroon to release my husband and all other Southern Cameroonians being held illegally in detention centers in Cameroon, and for that government to end the genocide it is carrying out in the Southern Cameroons. My husband and fellow detained Southern Cameroonian leaders have suffered untold hardship, torture, cruelty, inhumane and degrading treatment in detention. Mr Secretary General, at the time of writing this Appeal, the Government of Cameroon announced that it had commenced the process of final interrogation of these detainees, after which they will be arraigned before the Military Tribunal in Yaoundé. If your office continues to be silent, the outcome of the trial by the Military Tribunal in Cameroon is predicted to parallel the unlawful hanging of Ken Saro Wiwa and his 9 Ogoni compatriots in Nigeria in 1995 after a similar trial by that nation’s Military Tribunal.

The inaction of the United Nations to compel the Government of Cameroon to respect its commitments under relevant international agreements and conventions it has ratified will send the wrong message to nations of the world that fundamental international regulatory instruments can be violated and eroded with impunity and without penalty. The weeks of street protests around the globe (including in front of the UN Headquarters in New York) led by the peace-loving people of the Southern Cameroons, which greeted the sad news of my husband’s illegal abduction and detention in Nigeria, bear testament to the weight of the responsibility Mr Ayuk Tabe bears as leader of the people of the Southern Cameroons. My husband and his lieutenants in the Southern Cameroons revolution are freedom fighters and men of peace, who are seeking to free our people from the determined clutches of the villainous vampiric political mess that is Cameroon. My husband and his colleagues are striving to restore dignity to the people of the Southern Cameroons by restoring their fundamental rights and freedoms as human beings.

I thank you for your time and hopefully look forward to your response.


Lilian Ayuk Tabe (Mrs)

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