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I Donated Blood To Boko Haram And Esseka Victims, Yet They Now Rejoice At Our Killings-Ndansi Elvis








I will not Publish the Sad Images!!

Because am sure you have all seen from other sources the atrocities committed on the people of SANTA AND PIYIN in the North West Region.

After shedding tears, I took upon my self to visit some facebook accounts of our Francophone brothers to read their reactions to this sacrilege on human lives- just to know if we are one. It forces blood into my heart to see how many of them are jubilating and saying bravo to the army! Though some are really bitter and share the pain, I ask my self why.

Then I flashed back when I donated my blood to Help supplement blood supply to victims of Boko Haram up North, I remembered when I walk kilometres in a solidarity match to support my brothers up North to say No to BOKO Haram who were killing innocent Cameroonians up North. I remembered how together with Mandela Washington fellows I donated my blood to victims of Eseka train accident.

How then can some people celebrate when innocent civilians of the North West and South West are sent to their early graves. Where then is national unity? Where is Samuel Eto fills whom I represent where ever I travel in the World? Where is the national unity of Manu Dibango? Where is the symbol of Roger Milla that I boast of? Where has Green Red Yellow gone to that some people feel untouched by what is going on in the Anglophone regions?

Then I stop crying and say it will not help, we have to seek for a solution. We cannot wait for thousands to die for us to become … for federalists -a better people or for seperatists -a better nation!
There is a possibility for an end. If every one adds his or her voice to denounce what is going on, that will be a beggining of an end.

I wait to see all the solidarity matches to denounce these atrocities in all the other eight regions of Cameroon. This is a test of our “Unity’.

My deep condolence to all concern.
Human Life matters.

By Ndansi Elvis

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