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Momo Non School Resumption: Momo SDO Fumes And shames “CPDM hypocrites”







The Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) for Momo, Absolom Monono has told officials of the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) party in Momo Division to refrain from hypocrisy and take their children to school.
It was a disillusioned Absolom Monono who lamented bitterly at the hypocritical response given to back-to-school campaigns by the people of his Division. This was during an enlarged meeting to assess the first week of school resumption in Momo Division held last September 13, 2017 at the Mbengwi council hall. With statistics revealing that of the over 43,000 students in Momo, only 130 answered present in the entire division.

The SDO said if all executive members of all the organs of the CPDM in Momo Division take their children to school; the figures would not be as abysmal. In the presence of Momo elites such Mme Mbah Acha Rose, Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of the Supreme State Audit Office among other dignitaries of Momo, the Senior Divisional Officer did not swallow his feeling but vomited it to the faces of all present.

His words: “We sit in meetings and resolve to take concrete actions for back-to-school. You send your children to study in Yaoundé and we recorded the lowest turnout. Who is fooling who?” the SDO thundered.
To the SDO, countless meetings had been held with elites and education stakeholders of the division who assured the division’s boss that all hands were going to be put on deck for a successful back-to-school 2017/2018 but the outcome after week one was just as good as embarrassing.

He lambasted on politicians and elite who rather used the strategy to begin engaging in their political campaigns at the same time moved their children to study out of the region while others kept theirs home for supposed security reasons.The SDO in firm wordings reminded the elites of their engagement to ensure a successful back-to-school this year. “….I am therefore calling on all the elites who pledged their support to get children go back to school which we have now observed that they did not do an effective job to double efforts to ensure children return to class, particularly to politicians”, the SDO told pressmen.

Speaking to the press, Mme Mbah Acha Rose, elite of the division expressed dissatisfaction at poor feedback, called on Members of Parliament, Senators, mayors and fons to all come back onboard, burry their political differences and fight for the future of the young people. To her, the children have been brainwashed from going to school and so they should be cleansed.

Stakeholders such as principals and church leaders on their part were visibly heartbroken at the situation in their division but said they could only do the talking and play their role to prepare the campuses for resumption of classes and not pull the children out of their homes to get them show up for classes.

Culled From the SUN NEWSPAPER

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