UK House Of Lords Debate Southern Cameroons War, November 14th, 2018




A Short Debate titled “Safeguarding the Human Rights of the English – speaking minority in Cameroon” initiated by Lord Paul Boateng will be held at the Main Chamber of the Upper House (House of Lords) of the British Parliament on Wednesday 14 November 2018 starting at 3.00pm.

A Short Debate normally lasts 1hr 30 minutes. Please note, unlike questions that have been asked previously in the Commons and the Lords, a Debate is the means through which parliament reaches decisions. This being a Short Debate and the first of its kind in the wake of the current revolution, this might not result in a vote or a parliamentary decision just yet.

However, we remain positive that a decision to order Her Majesty’s Government to take immediate action to protect the people of the Southern Cameroons whose British Protected Persons (BPP) status remains extant in law despite the botched independence process of 01 October 1961 (that purportedly terminated the BPP Status for the Southern Cameroons) will be reached at some point.

Speaking on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government will be Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon according to the tentative speaker’s list in the link below. We expect Lord Ahmad to recount the failed or effective and inefficient attempt to work with the Government of La Republique to deal with the crisis.

Nationals of the Southern Cameroons residing especially those in London are strongly encouraged to take the public gallery and watch this first-ever debate on the plight of the people of the Southern Cameroons since the start of the Revolution. Those wishing to attend and watch the debate should contact Gordon Dims to secure a limited number of guaranteed access to the public gallery. Alternatively, you can queue 30 minutes before the opening of the Main Chamber at the Peers Entrance – House of Lords. You can also contact any Peer or Member of the House of Lords if you know any for a ticket to the public Gallery. All Peers have a right to a maximum of 16 tickets. So, feel free to use any one of the available means to secure your presence and listen to this first ever debate.

For those contacting Gordon Dims for tickets or seat reservation to the public gallery, if you have not received confirmation of reservation by Monday 12 November 2018, then make your way and queue at the main Peers Entrance to the Main Chamber of the House of Lords. You will not receive an acknowledgment of your request or an apology for not offering you a ticket or reserving you a seat.

Also note that seats fill up very quickly, depending on the agenda of the day and according to the agenda starting at 3.00pm, there is an oral question on the Metropolitan Police’s Decision not to open an investigation into alleged breaches of the electoral law by EU Pro-Leave Campaigns. This question may not last long compared to a debate but it might pull Pro EU Remainers who may fill up the public gallery’s unreserved seats very quickly. So queues are expected to be long and the seats are likely to fill up very quickly. Once seats are filled, queues will discontinue and access to the Peers will be restricted.

Note that the tentative list of Peers who will be speaking during the debate and subject to change is as follows:

Please share this information especially to those living in London the UK.



  1. Mukong

    October 31, 2018 at 4:15 AM

    Knowledge is power. Let us stay the course and be persistent in this task of not relenting in the face of all sorts of provocations, distractions and tactics whose main objectives are to derail and weaken our resolve to work together to achieve what is humanely ours.

    • Bali Nyonga

      November 1, 2018 at 2:39 AM

      Yes Mukong, in the middle of all the noise designed to confuse us, we are making strides. These are small victories and before you know, the big victory will be here. The doers in these revolution are not those we see or hear everyday whistling their presence.

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