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Moment Of Reckoning In French Cameroun As October 1 Draws Near



Moment Of Reckoning In French Cameroun As October 1 Draws Near

By Mbah Godlove

As Ambazonians brace up to celebrate their independence on October 1, 2021, French Cameroun’s authority has been shivering as they continue recording defeat on several battles against Restoration Fighters.

While preparations ahead of Friday, October 01 are gaining steam at home and abroad, the mood is different among colonial officials.

The said French Cameroun’s officials are rather struggling to prevent Ambazonians in homeland from giving the day the grandeur it deserves.

As of Tuesday, September 28, 2021, three colonial Senior Divisional Officers have declared the celebration of Ambazonia’s independence illegal.

The trio administrators include the Senior Divisional Officers for Mezam, Ndongamantung, and Ngoketunjia, who have all signed communiqués, banning public manifestations.

The mode is not different in the Southern Zone where the colonial governor has deployed troops to obstruct any possible demonstration come Friday.

Despite efforts from colonial authorities to frustrate the celebration, Ambazonians have fine-tuning tactics ahead of Friday’s historic event.

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