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Miss Cameroon Dethrone For Voicing Anglophone Support



The civil disobedience from Southern Cameroonians has reached its height. The government of Paul Biya has decided to engaged in a full-fledged war against people from Southern Cameroons. Citizens are abducted daily as they voice out opinions on the current crisis, media houses are being shut down or warned and threatened. Journalists are arrested and threatened to state mute. Internet connection across the entire country remains mute.

The struggle took another turn this past weekend when Miss Cameroon Julie Frankline Cheugue was stripped of her crown. We gathered that the beauty queen had earlier been accused of supporting the strike action by professional groups of the English speaking regions. Cheugue had reportedly called on the Government of Cameroon to listen to the worries of the Anglophones. Instead, she was stripped off her crown.

Speaking to Miss Cameroon she said she had learned about her dismissal only through the social media. She says she will not accept this sanction, since she had been elected by the Cameroonians.

“I am not in a political party. I am simply doing what a Miss is supposed to do. Concerning the Northwest and the Southwest: We are a united country and peace is everything. That is my only advice,” Cheugue said.

However, Miss Solange Ingrid Amougou, the President of the committee that organizes the Miss Cameroon election, said that Cheugue’s dismissal had come about because of insubordination and gross indiscipline. “As a model, she is supposed to promote the image of our country. She is not there to create disorder. She is not there to practice politics, because we are an apolitical organization,” Amougou said.

BaretaNews denounces this position from the organizing committee. Voicing concerns about a marginalised people is not politics. It is about standing for humanity. The Cameroons people stand and support Miss Cameroon for supporting people from West Cameroon.

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