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Mimi Mefo Info Recounts Kumba District Hospital Arson

mass murder scheme in ambazonia

Fire has consumed part of the Kumba District hospital causing enormous material damage.

The fire incident whose origin is still unclear, broke out early today, at about 1:45 am when locals were still asleep.

A video circulating on social media, said Ambazonian fighters who have been fighting for the independence of the two English speaking regions of Cameroon are responsible.

The video recorder who sounded like a security officer said: “This is the hospital in flames…burnt by Ambazonian fighters since 1:00am. The different defence units, the BIR, Gendarmes…were called up and the fire fighting brigade to put out the flames”
But taking a keen look at the video, no efforts in putting out the flames could be seen.

The affected areas of the fire incident, we gathered include the; Nurses quarters, Male Medical, Male and Female Surgical wards, Gen room amongst others.

On the other hand, Anglophone activists say the military triggered the incident.

“A Gendarme just confirmed to me now in anonymity. They did it because the hospital treats wounded Amba fighters…the military set the hospital ablaze” one of them confided in Mimi Mefo Info.

Our reporter on the ground is however still investigating. News of the fire incident at the Kumba District Hospital comes after a night of deafening gunshots in the town of Kumba.

Gunshots have equally been heard early this morning in many neighbourhoods across Kumba.

Meanwhile, houses were last weekend set ablaze in Mamfe, South West Region and in Boh, Jam-jam, Wosing in Bali Nyonga, leaving scores of persons homeless.

One of the victims whose house in Wosing was brought down to ashes, told MMI that the military were responsible and have been using the scotch earth policy to fish out suspected pro independence fighters.

Deafening gunshots have also been reported early today in Bamenda, as youths prepare to take part in the youth day.

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  1. malis

    February 11, 2019 at 6:15 PM

    I said this in my earlier post because I know how Diaper-Man criminal syndicate operates and thinks. Biya is in big trouble, very big trouble. Recently he had to bribe some entity, most people thought he was just stealing money for himself, no, he was bribing a nation or an institution. That is why he made that deposit. It could very well be resources that he handed over ownership.

    António Guterres said just recently:

    “The Cameroun delegation, the prime minister has promised that the government is currently working HARD to bring an end to the conflict”, and what we are seeing is what he meant.

    There is nothing new about this at all. The coloration of such events with victories of our restoration forces on ground zero and diplomatic victories of Ambazonia internationally is very clear.
    Every time that Ambazonia obtains a diplomatic victory or defeat the LRC lazy BIRs, the UN magically becomes active and that is always followed by such inhumane satanic acts and as stupid as Biya and his baboons are, they always fabricate a video with one of their baboon saying it is the restoration forces.

    Only idiots, fools, retarded bozos do such things and also only idiots, fools, retarded bozos believe and accepts it.

    Look how stupid it is: An Ambazonian restoration force burns down a hospital, make a video of it and post it on social media, a hospital that serves the same population that they are part of and comes from, that their own mothers, fathers, babies, sisters, wives, uncles, children, … goes to get treated.
    You know what, I will correct myself, even idiots will not do this, only an Asshole does such a thing. We need a new definition to qualify such level of stupidity. One thing is certain, only Diaper-Man Biya and his BIRs can be this stupid.

    Our powerful and courageous Ambazonian restoration forces if at all they do make videos, you see them putting their PHYSICAL BODY in action whooping the butts of BIRS. They don’t make videos where only their MOUTH is in action talking trash. That is the trademark of BIRs. They rape, burn down houses, villages, kill babies, pregnant women, … Savages.

    Biya is garbage and anyone that is with him is no different.

    • malis

      February 11, 2019 at 7:06 PM

      correlation – coloration

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