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Southern Cameroons: ‘YOUTH DAY’ TURN LABOUR DAY



February 11, 2019


The 2019 Youth Day celebrations in the two main towns of English Cameroon have been so markedly different from any other in the past! Those who called for boycott and enforced same with something of metaphysical picketing seemed to have succeeded at, at least, 90%.

Firstly, from the photos available, not a single pupil was seen anywhere in school uniform. It is as if the definition of youth this time around was revised to exclude pupils and nursery school kids.

Judging from the same photos, the ceremony in Buea in particular was more like the march past on Labour Day. Elderly persons in yellow crash helmets and in livery reminiscent of ancient SONEL and/or dock workers led the tiny group of marchers.

It was like CPDM anniversary festivities in Bamenda. Like on every such occasion when t-shirts are the bait, brave and defiant hooligans without any real commitment to the party got naturally attracted. Here too was not a single school uniform at whatever level visible!

In general, by design or by error, the cameras kept the spectators away from those were not at the ceremonial grounds. There is every probability that few spectators were present.

Also in Buea, and especially for the visually impaired like Ayah Paul whe gofmen be dong move one eye since long tam, one could not see a single person in the grandstand. The march past was apparently marching past structures (buildings). At Bamenda, it was marching past vacant chairs in the grandstand.

If what the cameras in Buea allowed us to see is a general representation of the attendance, then, compared with previous attendance in time of normalcy, the turn-up today was, at most, 5%! In all generosity, that of Bamenda could be put at about 3%.

Lessons there are for all and sundry to learn! Conceit or inflated ego is refusal to concede defeat. Those who broke into students’ hostels, abducting students to compel them to ‘march’ in ruse and sycophancy can only contrive fraudulent misrepresentation to deform the reality. But GOD KNOWS AND SEES EVERYTHING, EVEN OUR MOST SECRET THOUGHTS!

HUMILITY demands we admit that violence has failed AND FAILED WOEFULLY! That should lead the mighty to listen and turn to the VOICE OF REASON!!!


And the WORD is GOD!

By Ayah Paul Abine

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