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MBOSCUDA President Hails Ambazonian Fighters For Protection



MBOSCUDA President Hails Ambazonian Fighters For Protection

By Mbah Godlove

The President of the Mbororo Social, Cultural and Development Association (MBOSCUDA) in the Northern Zone of Ambazonia says the presence of Pro-independence fighters has reduced the rate of cattle theft.

Speaking on Equinox TV on Monday November 11, Sali Ousmane pointed out that cattle are now more secured because Ambazonian fighters identify and punish culprits as soon as they receive any complaint of theft

“Cattle theft has been abated because such cases are reported to the nonstate actors [restoration fighters] who decipline the miscreants,” he revealed.

The Alternative Conflict Resolution Expert also said that the Mbororo have been nuetral since the inception of the ongoing mayhem in Ambazonia.

To the MBOSCUDA boss, Mbororos have a culture of silence which non-Mbororo need to understand in order to co-exist peacefully.

He defuted claims that Mbororos have been dishing out information to the brutal military of French Cameroun.

“The Mbororos have been on the fence since the conflict broke out, they have neither been for nor against the ongoing going conflict,” he emphasized.

Despite the pronouncement from Sali Ousmane, the colonial regime of La Republique du Cameroun has often instilled hatred and disunity amongst Ambazonians of the Mbororos minority community and those of Non-Mbororos ethnic groups.

Weeks back, French Cameroun’s interior Minister, Paul Atanga Nji incited Mbororos in the Menchum county to fight against locals.

They destroyed farmlands, vandalized property and killed some inhabitants of Woum that they were the owners of the locality.

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