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Mark Bareta Meets PCC Moderator, Rev Fonki




Mark Bareta Meets PCC Moderator, Rev Fonki

Over the few days, Rev Fonki, PCC Moderator has been to Europe. He did extended an invitation to meet with me to talk on a number of issues plaguing the Southern Cameroons-Cameroun war. He made me to understand he is doing so on his own accord and not as a messenger of anyone, group or government. He is doing so first as an individual, next as a minister of God and member of the now defunct Anglophone General Conference.

However, because I am unavoidably out of reach, I could not meet with him physically as wished. We settled on a phone conversation and so we spoke for about 30 minutes on the phone. Rev Fonki raised issues on two folds: The so called National Dialogue on what we called Biyalogue and the need for children in the conflict hit areas to go to school. Rev Fonki spoke well and we shared similar views on some points such as we largely agree on the rights for children to study but it must be done in a manner that safe guard them as well as on an alternative ways to provide education for our people , something I will not vouched publicly but will carry it to the quarters that matter

On the issue of National Dialogue, Rev Fonki showed frustration on the ways it was done, the abrupt calling by Mr. Biya and he says even at that “Anglophones” still need to gather their positions, harness it and present it during the Biyalogue even if it fails. The talks between us were frank

On my part, on the so called National dialogue issues, I did informed the Rev of the following:

1. That it is a waste of time and tax payers money for anyone engaging in the Biyalogue because it will fail and fail bigly

2. That what ever is being done now in the name of consultations have been done before using the former PM Yang, Musonge Commission, the delegation that went abroad in 2017 and now Ngute’s consultations. That these are all just smokescreen to fool the international community

3. That Cameroun needs no more consultations because they have everything they need and they know very well where the exact problem is and how it could be solved

4. That the 400 page documentation handed to PM Ngute was even enough because it carried a sample of majority of our people calling for outright independence. What more information or consultations do they need?

5. That even their AGC gathering was not authorised and prevented from holding by Mr. Biya. All these because Biya never wanted a harmonised position from “Anglophones”, a situation which he is currently doing to fragment those who will sit in his Biyalogue.

6. That such a Biyalogue is just a move to fool the international community that something is happening meanwhile nothing will happen

7. I reminded him of the current Common law candidates protesting their non inclusion of names into ENAM but we were told that as part of solving the teachers and lawyers problems, a common law section in ENAM was created and a common law section in Supreme Court was created. All these now show it was just another lie. An empty decree

8. Finally I informed the Rev that the only dialogue or negotiations possible will only be one that the government of Cameroun sits with representatives of Southern Cameroons in the presence of third party mediators so that we begin looking at the root causes and how this thing happened in 1961. I told him that hope Cameroun is aware that at least 10 movements (though some are yet to join) have already formed a coalition team waiting and ready for Cameroun to engage so that we can both spare our peoples the pain of war.

Rev Fonki listened carefully to me, and we both respected each positions. He prayed for me and asked God to bless me.

The call ended

Mark Bareta

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