We Must Get Our Acts Together Or Allow Homeland Recover






Ambazonians Must Get Their Acts Together Or Stop This Charade And Allow Homeland Recover

Southern Cameroons freedom will never be achieved so long as it remains a domestic issue. Southern Cameroons freedom will never be achieved so long as the narrative remains a Human Rights and Marginalisation issue. Southern Cameroons freedom will be achieved when we step it up from a human right issue to a security issue that threatens regional peace and makes the world to talk. Southern Cameroons freedom will not be achieved when colonial resources are still being exploited and the colonial masters still get free oil, timber, patrol etc . If we don’t stop the resources, the colonial masters in the west will not push for dialogue.

This struggle should not be an emotional and politicise struggle where people pay allegiance blindly with too much big big talks, no action. If we continue in this present scenario then be ready to get at most ten states Federation if the French love you. Even two states Federation you will never see. This is a fact. We must forget this over pampering talks, we are not even closer to two states Federation. Get your acts straight. Diplomatically we are still at ZERO. Political lies from one angle to another. If we don’t stop this low energy no action, we are going no where.

If you really want to get freedom, to see Ambazonia free then every leader, every Ambalander must become a revolutionary, must become radicalised for the cause. This is a must. Political history will tell us so. Time for too much talk talk is over. This is why I have brace the odds and stop too much talk talk on live shows, any live shows I do now, any moves on this platform must hence be geared how to raise money to help this revolution. A revolution is money, that small small dollars and Euros people pay cannot fund this revolution. It will fund it as long as thousands of us get out there and contribute. How many of you are paying your Citizen levy to the IG? I am a proud citizen because I pay. How many of you are contributing on differing issues on the IG? How many of you are supporting these self defense groups to make homeland ungovernable? Everyday Facebook talk left and right. Yeye people.

I am sorry, so long as we continue to play ping pong game, so long as we continue to be emotional, so long as we continue to play dirty foolish political cards, so long as we continue to think in a unidirectional mindset, our one year plus will be wasted and La Republique will have its way. Political manifestations from Biya’s regime should already tell you that we are loosing it. They are upping their game, yet we do not see. We are there crying like babies from left to right. Attack any genuine initiatives people want to develop because we fear to loose political grip, RUBBISH. Some will go on Facebook to play that useless NW/SW divide, Devils in the making.

If you need freedom, do the right thing. Mandela was called a terrorist but yet got his people freedom who are not even economically free but he is now a sing song bird. Allow some of us to be called a terrorist. To those who have stocked their faces, said so many things and are still doing are prepared for the worst. Don’t cry for them. Think about what you are doing for the Republic. What more can be worst than that our grand mother burnt alive in Kwa Kwa? Or hundreds of our people being killed everyday.

I, Mark Bareta will continue to raise Sunday Offerings for humanitarian actions to help our ground soldiers with food, medications. To help these brave people who have put their lives on the line. This private initiative will continue as much as members of this platform say so. I am eager to get to Buea, my destination is not Yaounde

This is Mark Bareta

Otto Ama


  1. Jojo

    February 9, 2018 at 2:57 PM

    Congratulations Mark, you just show us again how stupid you are.
    What is wrong with 2 or 10 states federalism?
    You cannot go around writing how we are killing 50 to 60 LRC Gendarmes and Military every day, countless electoral officers (which is just pure propaganda) and expect the world to treat us as victims.
    Let me remind you as we speak that, many countries are thinking about labels us as terrorist organization, thank to you and all your friends who are using the Southern Cameroons struggle to raise funds to enrich yourselves.

  2. Jojo

    February 9, 2018 at 3:07 PM

    This is for all my brothers and sisters from NW and SW, please let’s go back to the basic, it is time to start listen to our wise mothers and fathers back home. How many people would have to die before we realize that we are doing it wrong?

    • Fotoh Paul Ebong

      February 12, 2018 at 11:34 AM

      Here we comment with our true identity.
      If you want to say anything meaningful and worthy of being heard, then use your true name, photograph and we start from there in being truthful.
      We must never surrender to tyranny. We were brought into a fraudulent union and until that is addressed, any form of union: ten state, 20 states… is just rubbish. It will be just postponing the fight for another generation.

      We are victims because the military men who die came to attack us at home. We have asked them to leave us alone but they don’t want because they are feeding fat on us. When an aggressor comes into your house and attack you, kill your children, rape your wife, steal your property… are you not a victim? even if some of the aggressors die in the process who would you consider a victim?
      Be careful with us because we are highly wounded. I don’t want to use any abusive language so mind your words and make sure you reason before talking.

  3. ndolloz

    February 9, 2018 at 4:00 PM

    @ jojo lrc slave boy with a colonial ugly fake photo! Mark you are telling the it as it is! if all those patriotic SCs paid their levy,self defense, fight like warriors not just by talking,donating generously to fight and drive those colonial agent puppet Governors, SDOs and lrc higher civil servant, BIR forces who are still operating in the regions with their scare tactics, pittance bribes,there is no turning back in this struggle,young strong SCs must realise that all the beautiful civilised countries in the world citizens fought and died for their freedom,democracy,got rid of scary dictators, evil colonial butchers like biya and his French regime,SCs are new to fighting wars,they are learning to fight back! some have become accustomed to lrc bribes, hardship of suffering,they tend to migrating over to lrc territories to fit in and better themselves although nothing better comes out of it as they are discriminated,SCs have a different culture, they must now know that they are not part of lrc,fight with no fear or favour even if they have to kill their own traitor brothers and sisters,they must react revengeful for all the bad things lrc has been doing for over a year,especially labelling all anglophones terrorists which the regime is guilty of, biya is desperate paying Chadians forces to kill and behead SCs citizens, is that not terrorists act? the old man and his regime are fighting a losing battle, SCs must start to destroy lrc and foreign interests in SW/NW regions,then they will see how it will be a game changer to this struggle, nevertheless this struggle will continue until full Independence is restored! long live the Federal Republic of Ambazonia

  4. Spirit

    February 9, 2018 at 4:16 PM

    Ayaba, Boh Hebert, Akwanga through their utterances and deeds are obviously portraying their selfish agenda of STRUGGLING FOR POLITICAL POSITIONS rather than for the forward movement of the struggle. FOR GOD’S SAKE, THIS IS A LIBERATION STRUGGLE PHASE. When we get to Buea you can do your politicking. I am not by any way undermining the mentioned individuals efforts and contribution to the struggle, however, this is no time for political infighting rather than ALL OF US PUTTING ALL OF OUR EFFORTS AND RESOURCES INTO THE MOST WELL STRUCTURED ORGANISATION that is, the “Ambazonia Interim Gov’t” presently headed by the Vice President Samuel Sacko (Dr. Common sense) and Taka.

    “REBOOT”,”REBOOT” says Ayaba, Boh Hebert, Akwanga. REBOOTING WHAT??? These people are only interested to keep us on the same spot so long as they are not able to acquire their selfish endeavor of becoming presidents

  5. Malis

    February 9, 2018 at 4:24 PM

    To the thieves who want to steal our motherland Ambazonia, leave or die. Rather than lose our
    motherland to robbers, we will burn it all down, this way no one owns it.

    The name a people calls me is not relevant for the almighty creator know who I am and love me. I don’t seek to please man at all. The creator knows what is mine and that it is my right to fight for it.

    These devils have LRC as their motherland but that is not enough for them. Inferiority complex,
    empty pride, a wish to be seen as superior is killing them. The whole of African is full with such demonic tribes and these are the perfect tools the Europeans need to keep African where it is.

    We Africans are suppose to only have the bible, democracy, human rights, voting rights, … while they Europeans, Asians, … keep the machines to print money, timbers, diamonds, oil, all the resources of African.

    If there was something called justice, … in this shit hole world, we Ambazonians and many, many others will not find themselves where they are today.
    Slavery, Colonization, Oppression, Barbarism, Cannibalism, Organs and human body part harvesting, the list goes on and on.
    I don’t care about what people who don’t like us call us. I care about the future of my children and I must make sure they have a place here on earth and in African-Heaven.

    What day will Africans really own what belongs to them?

    Chinese, Arabs, East Indians, European, Asians are all fighting for their own people, women and children, so called Africans leaders only want to slaughter their own people, women and children with the help of these other races. And they expect us the people they want to slaughter to sit and watch and even praise them.

    If we African don’t stand up and fight, we will not be on this planet after a 1000 years from now, for these other races are not playing. They will uses mentally sick Africans to destroy us all and then kill these mentally amputated Africans and then own Africa.

    WE HAVE TO FIGHT. This is the minimum that we can offer, even if it means sacrificing half of our population, it’s worth it, the rest will own the land and live for ever in peace.

  6. Jojo

    February 9, 2018 at 5:03 PM

    @Ndolloz you are my brother and still will be. Typing a few lines calling me names wouldn’t make the cut!
    Mark knows exactly where we are headed with this struggle, the end is not beautiful and that is why he is screaming as a mad man for more money. An intelligent person should have know better and see this coming.
    Instead of wasting your time sugarcoating Mark, why don’t you challenge him and his dear friend Ivo to publish a balance sheet for all the money they have been collecting?
    English Cameroonians are in a vulnerable situation and it is sickening to watch people take advantage of the situation.
    This duo are using the Southern Cameroons struggle to raise funds to enrich themselves.

  7. George

    February 9, 2018 at 5:16 PM

    The citizen levy and donations are rather an investment in our state Ambazonia. A country based on democratic values. With the rule of law and justice for all people. A liberal economic system with low taxes.

  8. Mukong

    February 9, 2018 at 5:28 PM

    Malis, you could not have said it better. We have some brain dead individuals on the continent who will never free themselves from the fact that Europeans are better than them. For every thing, they run to Europe; even something simple as having a headache.
    Look at the Asian countries, they are not blessed with the natural resources that we have on the African continent. Yet with little, imagine what this 34 year old individual has been able to accomplish in North Korea.
    Yet in Africa we mostly have dinosaurs as leaders who will never free themselves from the shadows of Europeans and consequently, are bent on wreaking havoc on the continent at all cost.
    Ambalanders, let us know that talk is cheap hence, we should rather let our pockets to do the talking. The suffering on ground zero is monumental. We cannot afford to let our people down.

  9. Enow Kumba

    February 9, 2018 at 9:09 PM

    Right on point Mukong!I have asked myself this question many times.what is really wrong with Africans?After almost 60 yrs of so call independence we are soo backwards.The richest continent in the world in terms of potentials but Africans still the poorest and most wretched people in the world due to stupid and visionless leaders who have no direction to better the lot of thier people and continents.Look at the Asians.We had independence almost thesame time with them but they have moved far ahead and to be honest very impressed with thr achievements of that young guy of N Korea.

    • Malis

      February 9, 2018 at 11:03 PM

      You are right, I’m impressed at how Asians in no time got to where they are.

      My experience with them thought me a lesson.

    • George

      February 10, 2018 at 7:15 AM

      Just compare the GDP of Malaysia with that of Cameroon. Independence almost at the same time. Than you understand that the franco idiots in Yaoundé are really dumb asses. They bleed out the country. Now substract what Ambazonia is providing for GDP of Cameroon. You can only conclude that those french Camerounians are lazy bloodsuckers. Stealing and embezzling money, transfer that money to Swiss. If you pass Ekok and you go for Calabar it is like time travel. Even Nigeria with its high corruption is 25 years in advance of Cameroon.

  10. Janice Beyongsi

    February 10, 2018 at 12:00 AM

    How can we become Asians when UGLY KIBARINKO HEAD GRAFFI Monkey mark Bara censors me, lives in Europe but will never grow out of his African jungle???How can a man send youths to their deaths while panhandling in the the man’s country?How can this bunch of SUB-HUMANS senselessly and in a sadistic manner distort the economic, educational and social well being of innocent people in the North west and South West under the banner of AMBAZONIA?Again let me ask you this NIGGER and MONKEY and your cohorts:When the whites came to the heart of darkness that Africa is around the 1880’s was there an Ambazonia?What do you have in common with the English man?Since you DUMB ASSES of monkeys don’t know,everything was set up for the white m,an and his interest.Stoip deciving people and wreaking havoc in their lives.We are not better off today than when you guys hijacked a strike for your macabre scams and it keeps getting worse.Shegge NYAMFUKA Nko BANSO!EEEEEIII MONKEY.We need some bananas!

    • saa

      February 10, 2018 at 5:31 AM

      Here come another la republic agent in the name of ‘janice”. How much are you and the man with the ugly white woman’s face in his profile called JoJo being paid by your
      La Republic whom you love so much?

    • 007strong

      February 10, 2018 at 5:43 AM

      Eventually Ambazonia will be Restoring theirterritory or secceed if you want to use that term and there is nothing these pathetic fools in the name of ‘jojo and janice” can do about it. Since they love la republic that much, they should feel free to stay in la republic.

    • Groupon

      February 10, 2018 at 5:49 AM

      Don’t blame these fellows called JoJo and janice beyongsi (bassa). They are like freed caged chicken who do not know they are now free but rather will prefer to wander around the cage rather than run away.

  11. Jojo

    February 10, 2018 at 12:43 AM

    @Janice Betongsi it is hard for me to agreed with you on the insults, nonetheless you brought some good points. How can we defend our children from going to school at the same time praise Asian for their development? Do we know how much one year of no school can play in children future? The tactics we are now using is not different from Bako Haram which is to have an uneducated generation. I said it before and I will said it again that this struggle was lost since the day our diaspora brothers meet in Lowell Massachusetts and start talking about secession. That was a day Greed took over Common sense.

  12. Jojo

    February 10, 2018 at 1:18 AM

    For me the only way forward is for all killings to stop on both sides and for a real dialogue to take place. We should not accept anything less than 9 states federations, not 2 states. In this case we will have our educational system, our military, our court system, our politicians who are only loyal to us. If anything goes wrong, the former Soviet Union is an exemple of what can happen. I am not against raising money to help our people who are struggling because of this crisis, but we should not raise money for a fruitless war and ask for accountability. Mark and his chronics are not the people we should trust as they are only making things worse for their own good.

  13. saa

    February 10, 2018 at 5:20 AM

    This fool called’jojo’ is talking of 9 states so as to render the Amba people to indefinite minority class and also to render worthless the lives of our young people brutally terminated by the criminal la republic regime. Mr Yoyo or what your name is, reserve you stupid ideas for la republic media.

  14. Dinga Ron

    February 10, 2018 at 12:00 PM

    Jojo certainly is against the struggle. But He/she has one tiny point. Let Mark tell us how he intends to use the money he is raising? we can’t just give money to mark out of blind trust. Make no mistake, I appreciate Mark for the role he has played to keep the struggle alive. Also Mark is very correct that the time for too much talking is over.

  15. Jojo

    February 10, 2018 at 5:52 PM

    @Saa and Dinga this is another proof that you guys only look in one direction. I am calling for 9 states because NW and SW has to join in as one. Having only two states would not serve us any goods as it will appear as us against the rest of the country. The more the country is divided, the more powerful we are. So please learn how to use your brain more than your mouth. This struggle isn’t going anywhere because most of us think like you guys. It is very unfortunate that a minute someone think differently, he is either LRC agent or against the struggle. I have nothing against Mark, but you have been warned.

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