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Lecturers, Transporters, Chiefs To Join Lawyers- Reports



Common Law Lawyers who have virtually declared ‘war’ on the Cameroun Government in their recent 8 points communique seems to be going through with their threats. The protest is currently going on smoothly.
The lawyers protest is due to the government reluctance to heed to their demands which they made in 2014 and 2015. The JOINT COMMUNIQUE OF THE LEADERSHIP OF THE CONSTITUENT ASSOCIATIONS OF CAMEROON COMMON LAW LAWYERS released on 15th October in part reads:

“We shall be synergizing with SYNES, Cameroon Teachers’ Trade Union –(CATTU), Teachers Association of Cameroon (TAC), Traders Associations, Taxi Drivers Unions, Bus Companies, and Commercial Motorbike Riders’ Associations, as well as “Buyam Sellam” Associations, across the North West and South West Regions ”

Inside sources revealed to BaretaNews that the lawyers are currently having conclave talks with a number of groups they identified on their communique. The Scoop Newspaper in their Wednesday 19th October edition is also reporting that these groups would soon be joining the lawyers in their quest.

As earlier said by BaretaNews, the protest of the lawyers should be supported by all sons and daughters of Anglophone Cameroon because it touches the very foundation of our collective survival. This is the time to come together as one people to fight the course.

BaretaNews stand with the Common Law Lawyers and calls on all sons and daughters of North West and South West regions from all works of life to join and support our legal system from erosion despite some unscrupulous lawyers claiming to be Anglophones who are fighting to sabotage the system.

The struggle continues.

God is still saying something

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