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Aftermath of Fake 20th May in the Southern Cameroons: When Resistance Meets Cruelty, Carnage





Aftermath of Fake 20th May in the Southern Cameroons: When Resistance Meets Cruelty, Carnage


Those who had thought that it was going to be business as usual accommodating foreign militia thugs to demonstrate their authority over Ambazonia surely understand now how tenacious the resistance of the people of Southern Cameroons is. Our people planned their resistance, defended their land from celebration of their annexation and conquered the battle, though the war still rages on. May we begin by saluting the Patriotic Restoration and Self Defense forces on Ground Zero for the visible mark of victory they achieved without a single soldier falling, they are brave defenders of our Land. Continue doing it like you will live on the soil forever. It is land of your ancestors and land of your Great Grand Children. They must never be slaves on their father’s land, time to stop it is now.


While our great people stayed in their houses in denial to celebrate the day their destiny was swallowed, forces loyal to Paul Biya from the East marched in as usual, fully armored, deployed throughout the 13 Counties of Ambazonia to erase the resisting people. This when their ailed, frail and dummy master remained in Yaounde and gave marching orders from the 20th may boulevard. From the look on Biya’s face on the other side of Mungo via TV screen indoors, one could tell he isn’t a match for war, evidently someone else is using the old dying man to inflict carnage on Ambazonia. As a routine, biya invites more than 12,000 people from both nations, and diplomatic strata to his Etoudi Palace to worship him on the table of the tax payer’s money. While the controlled ruler goes camouflaging his strength with no white hair at 86, his soldier over the west had invaded The Republic of Ambazonia to fill their master’s blood bank.


The Carnage:


In the late hours of the so called 20th may (which is neither the independence date for Ambazonia nor LA Republique, but a date of assimilation and total annexation of Ambazonia by former LR president, Ahmadou Ahidjo at Foumban,1972), the foreign colonial forces had gone gaga. In Muyuka, Southern zone of Ambazonia, a 4 months old sleeping baby is given a Unitary Salutation with a military bullet straight into the back of the head as she is laid in her cot. Born in January this year, her crime was being a baby born in the Southern Cameroons. The wailing mother could only end in ancestral curses towards biya’s militia but the wounds remains forever. Muyuka came under siege. At this hour, Biya’s palace is in flare of winery.


Concurrently, At old Town, habitat of the Muslim community in the capital city of the Northern Zone, Bamenda, the god of Ramadan feast was challenged. Haven been a peaceful locality all along, the militia of Yaoundé chose to dilute their fasting with blood. A businessman and owner of a Snack called “Black and White” who is said to have been locking up his shop at Old Town Bamenda takes a bullet. A pick-up car, as in their style of disguise, had rushed towards this Family man and shattered him with bullets. His sin is that, he is a man West of the Moungo. Across the streets of Bokwango to Mua, from Nkwen to Ntarinkon, Northern and southern Zones, bullets rained. Tactically in Bamenda, shooting stars were launched at Upstation to confuse the population while the Restoration Forces were engaged in fierce battle. Many have written, and tweeted in the likes of Akere Muna-politician, Mark Bara-CEO BaretaNews, Public opinion holder like Mandella Washington Fellow, Ndansi Elvis, and even some websites.They are all alarmed and dishearted at the killing of the 4 months old baby. Its definitely not the first case.

It has happened in kumbo and Widikum, Northern zone, where children are murdered. We have seen the Widikum incidence where the baby was dropped into a boiling pot of palm oil as even the mother had escaped the arrival of the foreign thugs. To her, the baby wasn’t going to be a target. But, its on Ambazonia soil, where the story is different. In short, the list is inexhaustible. But to note that, the War Crimes and Crimes against humanity are taking a world class toll in the Southern Cameroons to the watch of the informed world. The question remains, where do these People go to? What is their crime of being just human beings? What is the crime being born on the soil of the Southern Cameroons? So far, the war has shown how evil their neighbor, La Republique Du Cameroon is. There is no time for loving now. All we know is war till victory comes. Till everyone on that territory is killed, no backing down on our territory. We shall fight to the last unborn baby to defend Motherland, Ambazonia.


We stand by our people at home GZ, in Captivity across Cameroun, the refugees in Nigeria and neighboring countries and those in exile in the diaspora. We remain United to our common history. We shall commemorate our Independence on October 1st in Buea.

“God will lead us through”


Sumelong Ekane


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