Aftermath of Fake 20th May in the Southern Cameroons: When Resistance Meets Cruelty, Carnage



Aftermath of Fake 20th May in the Southern Cameroons: When Resistance Meets Cruelty, Carnage


Those who had thought that it was going to be business as usual accommodating foreign militia thugs to demonstrate their authority over Ambazonia surely understand now how tenacious the resistance of the people of Southern Cameroons is. Our people planned their resistance, defended their land from celebration of their annexation and conquered the battle, though the war still rages on. May we begin by saluting the Patriotic Restoration and Self Defense forces on Ground Zero for the visible mark of victory they achieved without a single soldier falling, they are brave defenders of our Land. Continue doing it like you will live on the soil forever. It is land of your ancestors and land of your Great Grand Children. They must never be slaves on their father’s land, time to stop it is now.


While our great people stayed in their houses in denial to celebrate the day their destiny was swallowed, forces loyal to Paul Biya from the East marched in as usual, fully armored, deployed throughout the 13 Counties of Ambazonia to erase the resisting people. This when their ailed, frail and dummy master remained in Yaounde and gave marching orders from the 20th may boulevard. From the look on Biya’s face on the other side of Mungo via TV screen indoors, one could tell he isn’t a match for war, evidently someone else is using the old dying man to inflict carnage on Ambazonia. As a routine, biya invites more than 12,000 people from both nations, and diplomatic strata to his Etoudi Palace to worship him on the table of the tax payer’s money. While the controlled ruler goes camouflaging his strength with no white hair at 86, his soldier over the west had invaded The Republic of Ambazonia to fill their master’s blood bank.


The Carnage:


In the late hours of the so called 20th may (which is neither the independence date for Ambazonia nor LA Republique, but a date of assimilation and total annexation of Ambazonia by former LR president, Ahmadou Ahidjo at Foumban,1972), the foreign colonial forces had gone gaga. In Muyuka, Southern zone of Ambazonia, a 4 months old sleeping baby is given a Unitary Salutation with a military bullet straight into the back of the head as she is laid in her cot. Born in January this year, her crime was being a baby born in the Southern Cameroons. The wailing mother could only end in ancestral curses towards biya’s militia but the wounds remains forever. Muyuka came under siege. At this hour, Biya’s palace is in flare of winery.


Concurrently, At old Town, habitat of the Muslim community in the capital city of the Northern Zone, Bamenda, the god of Ramadan feast was challenged. Haven been a peaceful locality all along, the militia of Yaoundé chose to dilute their fasting with blood. A businessman and owner of a Snack called “Black and White” who is said to have been locking up his shop at Old Town Bamenda takes a bullet. A pick-up car, as in their style of disguise, had rushed towards this Family man and shattered him with bullets. His sin is that, he is a man West of the Moungo. Across the streets of Bokwango to Mua, from Nkwen to Ntarinkon, Northern and southern Zones, bullets rained. Tactically in Bamenda, shooting stars were launched at Upstation to confuse the population while the Restoration Forces were engaged in fierce battle. Many have written, and tweeted in the likes of Akere Muna-politician, Mark Bara-CEO BaretaNews, Public opinion holder like Mandella Washington Fellow, Ndansi Elvis, and even some websites.They are all alarmed and dishearted at the killing of the 4 months old baby. Its definitely not the first case.

It has happened in kumbo and Widikum, Northern zone, where children are murdered. We have seen the Widikum incidence where the baby was dropped into a boiling pot of palm oil as even the mother had escaped the arrival of the foreign thugs. To her, the baby wasn’t going to be a target. But, its on Ambazonia soil, where the story is different. In short, the list is inexhaustible. But to note that, the War Crimes and Crimes against humanity are taking a world class toll in the Southern Cameroons to the watch of the informed world. The question remains, where do these People go to? What is their crime of being just human beings? What is the crime being born on the soil of the Southern Cameroons? So far, the war has shown how evil their neighbor, La Republique Du  Cameroon is. There is no time for loving now. All we know is war till victory comes. Till everyone on that territory is killed, no backing down on our territory. We shall fight to the last unborn baby to defend Motherland, Ambazonia.


We stand by our people at home GZ, in Captivity across Cameroun, the refugees in Nigeria and neighboring countries and those in exile in the diaspora. We remain United to our common history. We shall commemorate our Independence on October 1st in Buea.

“God will lead us through”


Sumelong Ekane




  1. Jon

    May 24, 2019 at 3:35 PM


    The explanation given by Mr René Sadi (The Cameroonian Minister of Communications) in his statement of May 22, 2019 is the most plausible. And Mr Kawa Yannick’s (an ex-ambazonian combatant) account is corroborated by the Minister’s explanation. Also, Barrister Agbor Nkongho Balla, and his Centre of Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA) have done their due diligence and came to the same conclusion, that the 5-month old baby was not shot dead by Cameroonian soldiers. In a statement issued by Agbor Balla (and his CHRDA), he says, and I quote “On the 20th of May 2019, Neba Maltha Mbuh, a baby of about four (4) months, was brutally murdered by UNIDENTIFIED GUNMEN in Makanga, … South West Region”. The words “unidentified gunmen” are telling! Agbor Balla, Mimi Mefo and many other ambazonian supporters and sympathizers regularly use the word “unidentified gunmen” whenever barbaric acts or atrocities are perpetrated by ambazonian terrorists because they do not want to blame the ambazonian terrorists. If Mr Agbor Balla’s due diligence uncovered that the 5-month old baby died in the hands of the Cameroonian soldiers, he will SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS. He and his CHRDA, and HRW are biased against the Cameroonian military and the Government of Cameroon and are in cahoots (colluding or conspiring together secretly) to destroy the Government of Cameroon and to tarnish the good reputation of the Cameroonian army. They have pilloried the Cameroonian military for even a teeny weeny mistake made in its fight against the ambazonian terrorists.

    Before I delve into the analysis of the statements made by the parents of the deceased, and neighbours, I would like to use this medium to say to leaders of political parties in Cameroon to AVOID, at all cost, KNEE-JERK REACTIONS to SERIOUS MATTERS WITHOUT HEARING FROM BOTH OR ALL SIDES INVOLVED, OR WITHOUT ASCERTAINING THE VERACITY OF AN ISSUE. In all probability, the Cameroonian Minister of Communication’s statement came after DUE DILIGENCE. No knee-jerk reaction!

    The parents (Mr Funi Zephania Neba and Mrs Agbor Emilia) of the deceased 5-month old baby have ALLEGED that soldiers of the Cameroonian Military shot the baby dead at point-blank, in Makanga neighbourhood in Muyuka, South West Region. This allegation is based solely on the fact that the armed persons (or gunmen) were WEARING FATIGUES (LOOSE-FITTING ARMY CLOTHES). However, it is common knowledge that many ambazonian terrorists wear fatigues, for example, “general” Nambere (who was dishonourably discharged from Cameroonian army), “commander” Ayeke (who deserted the Rapid Intervention Battalion, BIR), “field marshal” Oliver Leke Fobenueh, etc. Even ambazonian terrorists and “warlords” in the diaspora wear fatigues, for example Eric Tataw, Foncha Nso, Nkonda, etc. Thus, gunmen wearing fatigues, or speaking French (many ambazonian terrorists speak French because Cameroon is a bilingual country – French and English, e.g. “general” Nambere) are not necessarily Cameroonian soldiers. Ambazonian terrorists are known to wear military gear when carrying out heinous crimes, and barbaric acts so that the Cameroonian military will be blamed for such atrocities. So, what have the parents, and neighbours said regarding this very savagely act?

    According to the father (Funi Zephania Neba) of the deceased, the baby was asleep on a couch in the parlour, and he was sitting on his veranda. Then six military armoured cars drove into their compound, six military armoured cars to kill a 5-month old baby. Ridiculous! Unbelievable! I was wondering if military armoured cars entered that compound? Neither the wife nor the so-called witnesses do mention military armoured cars. Thus, the assertion that armoured cars entered that compound has not been corroborated. He said, and I quote “the military started ‘raining’ bullets”. And he survived despite bullets “raining” everywhere? His leftover or surplus “odeshi” worked so very well. Nay! He said he ran. So, did he run before bullets started flying everywhere or when bullets were already flying everywhere? The important thing to note here is that, this FATHER RAN AND LEFT BEHIND HIS 5-MONTH OLD DAUGHTER. This ties in seamlessly with what the Minister of Communication said in his press statement. Where did he run to, forest or the bushes or to someone else’s house? And how could he have seen what was happening in the parlour of house?

    Mr Funi Zephania Neba went on to say that, and I quote “one of them (meaning one of the soldiers) broke open the door shooting my baby in the head”. Generally in Cameroon, or the part of Cameroon I grew up, virtually everyone leaves their main (front) door open during the day when they are at home. Thus, it’s odd that Mr Neba’s was sitting on his veranda around 3 p.m., his baby daughter was asleep on a couch in the parlour, his wife was behind the house in the kitchen cooking, and yet the main door was securely locked. That is utterly unusual! Mr Neba’s story seems to be a concoction, an invented story. The Cameroonian military had NOTHING TO GAIN by killing a 5-month old baby, but the ambazonian terrorists had EVERYTHING TO GAIN – PROPAGANDA AND A DETERRENT OR WARNING TO OTHER AMBAZONIAN TERRORISTS WHO ARE THINKING OF LAYING DOWN (OR DROPPING) THEIR WEAPONS OR GUNS.

    Agbor Emilia (Mr Neba’s wife) did not see anything because she was behind the house, in the kitchen. Yet, she has been making statements as if she was an eye-witness to what happened. The video (obviously staged) circulating shows a woman purporting to be Agbor Emilia, with exaggerated dramatic behaviour designed to attract attention (histrionics), alleging that the military shot her daughter. However, the overly theatrical or melodramatic performance is by a woman who is not the mother of the deceased baby. Are there two mothers to the deceased child? Who is this impostor? ( The video shows two different women, one wearing a short blue dress (the impostor) who was interviewed by CANAL 2 English TV. She is identified in the video as Agbor Emilia, which is a lie because she is not Agbor Emilia. I think she was brought in for her drama skills. The other woman wearing a white dress with Micky Mouse image is the real mother, and she did not make allegations against the Cameroonian military because she knows that her baby was not shot dead by the Cameroonian military. So, the video is staged as stated by the Cameroonian Minister of Communication.

    The grandfather of the deceased, and father of Mr Neba, Mr Neba Mutanga said he got gunshot wounds. Did he go to hospital? Nay! He said, and I quote “we all ran for safety”. I presume “WE” refers to himself, to his son (Mr Funi Zephania Neba), his daughter-in-law (Agbor Emilia), and other members of the household. And if they ran for safety, then, it’s safe to presume that the 5-month old baby was left behind. Again, this tallies with what the Cameroonian Minister of Communication mentioned in his statement of May 22, 2019. This grandfather further states that, and I quote “in our hideout”. Was he, his son and son’s wife hiding together in the same hideout? If so, where? In a neighbour’s house or in the bushes? How long were they hiding for?

    An unnamed neighbour said she spied (peeked) through her door and saw “a man” in military uniform breaking the door while others, armed to the teeth looked on. She saw a man, not a Cameroonian soldier or military because the man in uniform could be an ambazonian terrorist. How could this neighbour peek through her door when bullets were “raining” everywhere, as evinced by Mr Neba Zephania? Statements by neighbours mostly contradict what the father of the deceased baby said. So, who is speaking the truth and who is lying?

    By the time this article was written, the parents of the deceased baby, the impostor mother, and neighbours have refused to give sworn statements under oath and penalty of perjury to the Muyuka Gendarmerie (Military Police). Mr Funi Zephania Neba and his wife, Agbor Emilia have made statements, spoken to a journalist of CANAL 2 English TV, and produced a video, yet they are unwilling to speak to the Muyuka Gendarmes. Why? Because they know the truth and the statements, they have already made are false and are misrepresentations and mischaracterizations. Given that they have made very serious and damaging allegations against the Cameroonian Defence and Security Forces, it is imperative that they give sworn statements under oath and penalty of perjury to the Muyuka Gendarmes soonest.

    In all probability, the ambazonian terrorists killed 5-month old baby Maltha in cold blood.

    One lesson we can learn from this barbarism is that, ambazonian terrorists dropping or laying down their arms should do it as prescribed by the DDR. It is not enough to just drop your gun and return to your home and think all is well with you. No! Those who do it this way, are not covered by the amnesty. If this ex-ambazonian combatant, Mr Funi Zephania Neba followed the DDR procedure, the authorities might have made the determination that his family was at risk and appropriate measures would have been taken to help his family. Thus, it is in the interest of ambazonian terrorists laying down their weapons or guns to do it according to the prescriptions of the DDR.

  2. Jon

    May 24, 2019 at 4:56 PM

    Mr Wountai Voudou Olivier, A teacher of History-Geography at GBHS Nitop Brutally Murdered in Cold Blood and Dismembered by the Cruel and Vicious Ambazonia TERRORISTS!!!

  3. Jon

    May 24, 2019 at 5:07 PM


  4. Jon

    May 24, 2019 at 5:11 PM


  5. Jon

    May 24, 2019 at 6:17 PM




  6. Jon

    May 24, 2019 at 7:08 PM


    “Let us derive, from our DIVERSITY, what will mutually ENRICH and UNITE us MORE. Let us DISCARD what may SEPARATE us… PATRIOTISM, RESPECT OF AUTHORITY, ATTACHMENT to JUSTICE and HARD WORK are values you must PRESERVE at all times”.

    “The State is a PERMANENT REALITY, which stands above PERSONAL and REGIONAL INTERESTS. The State guarantees PEACE. And peace is the most CHERISHED POSSESSION. Cameroon BELONGS TO ALL OF US”. (President PAUL BIYA, May 16, 2019)

    “We must fight whatever threatens our UNITY. No group should reject the others. Let us BANISH PREJUDICES and COMPLEXES, which foster DISCORD. Cameroon needs us all. Let us WORK FOR OUR FATHERLAND”. (President PAUL BIYA, May 15, 2019)

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