After Civilians Slaughter over the weekend, The Southern Cameroons Liberation Council, SCLC makes Distress Call to International Community for Military intervention.

Interim Government of Buea


After Civilians Slaughter over the weekend, The Southern Cameroons Liberation Council, SCLC makes Distress Call to International Community for Military intervention.


The latest of their press statement is dated May 26th 2019 titled “Genocide-Enabler-In-Chief, Dion Ngute’s Murderous Peace Offer Still Unraveling”. The biggest coalition for the Independence struggle of The Southern Cameroons, SCLC has re-echoed the need for an urgent humanitarian military Intervention in the southern Cameroonian Territory. The SCLC noted that, since the slave genocide master working as Prime minister for neighbouring Cameroun, Dion Ngute illegally entered Ambazonia 2  weeks ago, the rate of atrocities have witnessed a speed up. Arsons and target killings have replaced the Fake Peace Plant he brandished to our people.


As a matter of fact, Dion actually came with marching others from this Octogenarian dictator master, Paul Biya, to unleash a scotch earth policy in the Southern Cameroons. The SCLC noted in particular one of the latest of such killings in Bali Nyonga, Northern Zone, where militia loyal to Biya have again exercised carnage, by shooting 5 members of the same family including a grandma of over 80 years old, while  injuring many others. This family that neighbors testify has never had any iota of recalcitrance was about rescuing their dying son from bullets shot by Biya’s men. As they approached the district hospital of Bali for a stretcher, the staff refused giving them for fear that they might be attacked as always threatened by the soldiers. As they hurried home, got a ladder and placed him on about for the hospital, little did they know that Biya’s army was hidden in the bush with weapons against them. These armless citizens all perished at a go.


The document reveals that more than 20 and 25 people respectively for the Northern Zone and Southern Zone are secretly massacred daily by this army. This is the worst form of soldier attack on unarmed civilians in modern history. Few months ago, more than 10 people from one family were similarly murdered in neighbouring Batibo by same terror soldiers of Yaoundé. The SCLC has therefore beckoned on the United Nation Security Council, USA, UK, Northern Ireland, Russia, Germany and other countries that have taken interest in stopping Dictator Biya from such crimes against humanity, to act now and save civilian souls in Ambazonia.

The SCLC noted that, the reason for Biya’s approach rather than dialogue is because La Republiquè Du Cameroun has no legal case over the Southern Cameroons at the intervention of a third party on the dialogue table. In this case, they call for urgent action to avert a humanitarian disaster of unimaginable proportion from unfolding in broad world view. At BaretaNews, we still believe in Peace talks and Negotiations with a third party on the negotiating table.

We acknowledge and reiterate that the People of the Southern Cameroons are the oppressed and only biya the oppressor can call for dialogue. We remind them in the words of Hon. Joseph Wirba that they will have to kill everyone on that territory before taking it. We continue to stay awe to the disturbing silence and slow pace of the International community as human lives do not matter anymore in Ambazonia. We continue to count our friends within this hard period of our history and encourage those against us to live longer and see what God has designed for us.

“We shall fight and Regain our land, until we all Perish”


Sumelong Ekane


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