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La Republique Parliament Dumps Wirba Immunity Lifting Plans



Parliament Dumps Immunity Lifting Plans.

BaretaNews can now confirmed that the emergency Parliamentary Bureau meeting has come to an end. Our sources reveal that Cavaye first statement in chairing the meeting was a complain against the social media. He lambasted that Social Media was spreading the infos that he plans to stripped Wirba immunity off. Cavaye went on to say that the only reason he called such a meeting was to look on ways the administration in Parliament can function better.

Members who attended the Bureau meeting said they were surprised because despite years of complaining that Parliament has not been working, Cavaye only had to call an emergency bureau meeting to discuss on such a topic.

Our sources reveal that due to the social media pressure in protecting Hon Wirba, Cavaye had no choice in changing the agenda to discuss administration in Parliament plus other issues.

BaretaNews at this junction thanks all Southern Cameroonians who tweeted, called, shared the messages etc to warn against anything happening to Wirba. We must remain vigilant because the devil always come at night to steal. La Republique will not give up.

We are by this notice asking Hon Wirba if he reads us to be extra careful henceforth and watch every steps he makes, who he meets, greets, eat etc.

We continue to remind La Republique to free Balla, Fontem, Ayah, Mancho, Penn, Atia and all those abducted and jailed in Cameroun jails.

All Souls Rememberance Ghost Towns on Monday July, 10th 2017.

This is BaretaNews, the people’s platform

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