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West Cameroon State: Calls For Policy Papers- Consortium



Lawyers have been on strike since October 2016, teachers joined them on November 21st and until this moment no solution has been sought. The teachers and lawyers have been resolute in this struggle. As the strike continues, Anglophones from all works of life get in. However, the regime reacted forcefully and this lead to more than 4 dead in Bamenda, 2 in Kumba and multiple University of Buea students being beaten and injured.

The public and social media also became very active in the strike action. The teachers and lawyers together with other civil societies listened to the voices of the people and formed a consortium.

On Sunday 11th December 2016, the teachers and lawyers consortium signed by Dr. Fontem Neba on behalf of the consortium declared that the strike is no more a Lawyers or Teachers strike but a fight to protect and safeguard the way of life and culture of the Anglophone people. They have joined their voices and are now calling on all Anglophones to come on board. The consortium declared that the government can kill us but they cannot kill our spirits.

The consortium also condemned the regime barbaric attack on Anglophones during these demonstrations.

The consortium is also asking Anglophones to present policy papers which reflect the Anglo-Saxon cultures of Anglophone Cameroon so as to develop the blueprint of a satisfactory state in the following areas :

– Health
– Education
– Sports, Tourism and Culture
– Economy and Finance
– Homeland Security
– Agriculture
– Labour
– Road and Infrastructure
– Transport
– Justice
– Information and Communication Technology
– Trade and Industrial Development
– Civil Service and control of Administrative reforms
– Natural Resources and Engineer
– Environment and Water Resources

Those interested are called upon to send their candidature to BaretaNews, therefore, calls on all Southern Cameroons intellectuals to get to work and help build a beautiful state

BaretaNews is, therefore, happy that the teachers and lawyers have finally seen with the people that this is now beyond them. We appreciate and the struggle continues. We appreciate these steps taken by the consortium while hoping the synergy keeps building.

Meanwhile, as announced, the Ghost Town begins on Monday 12th December from 8am to 7pm across Southern Cameroons from Monday to Wednesday. All Taxis, Cars, Shops etc remains closed. Everyone stays indoors. All schools closed. Anyone going against these will be tracked and declare enemy of the struggle. Those recalcitrant teachers, students, schools should take special note.

Mark Bara.

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