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Camair-Co Flies To Bafoussam, Anglophone Cameroon Grumbles



The Cameroonian public airline Camair-Co in an official communique has announced to the Cameroonian people that as from October 14th, 2016, Camair-Co will be flying to Bafoussam, the regional capital of West Region
According to the official communique, every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, Cameroonians will be able to travel from Yaoundé and Douala to Bafoussam. The city is booming with an intense economic activity
It should be recalled that before now, one could get to Baffoussam only by road. Presently, one could reach there by plane for just 30.000 CFA

Though many Cameroonians do not trust Camair-Co services, others have praised such a move.
This, however, brings us to look at Anglophone Cameroon. The official communique, of course, did not make mention of any flights to Anglophone Cameroon (Southern Cameroons). This is a state that before joining La Republique Du Cameroun owned functional airports, today these airports have been abandoned and/or turned into military barracks- colonialism and annexation at it best.

Anglophone Cameroon deserves an airport.

God is still saying something.

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